Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ben Jealous, Marc Morial, Al Sharpton, Boyce Watkins and other Gathers to discuss black leadership

The event is set to take place in New York at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers from April 14 - 17.  The list of panelists is as follows:

Host: Tom Joyner- Host, "Tom Joyner Morning Show"
Moderator: Roland Martin, CNN/TV One analyst
Rev. Al Sharpton- President, National Action Network
Marc Morial- CEO, National Urban League
Ben Jealous- President & CEO, NAACP
Dr. Elsie Scott- President and CEO, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) in Washington, D.C.
Angela Sailor- Coalitions Director, Republican National Committee
Lezli Baskerville- - President & CEO, NAFEO- America's Black Colleges and Universities
Warren Ballentine- Host, "The Warren Ballentine Show"
Dr. Boyce Watkins- Assistant Professor, Finance- Syracuse University
Dr. Charles Ogletree- Professor, Harvard Law School
Jeff Johnson- BET Personality
Judge Greg Mathis - Television Show host
Chuck D - Recording artist

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Anonymous said...

When you guys get together and talk tonight remember we need to BOYBOTT FOX NEWS and fight the TEA PARTY who is the CLAN without SHEETS just their WHITE FACES which they do not care if we know or see them. We are headed for JIM CROWE and WALLACE days. We can't let that happen.We have been given our demise at the polls in November so now we must work hard to get everyone that is of age to get out and vote in November. We must remember Katrina with the Republicans. We don't want that to happen again do we.