Monday, May 24, 2010

Free from BET Speaks about Jamaican Drug Lord

christopher coke Jamaica, Mr. Coke, And The United States

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Prime Minister for West Kingston Jamaica Bruce Golden urged residents to be calm in a press release issued yesterday in regards to the extradition process of Christopher Coke from Jamaica to the US. He is trying to assure them that what happened in 2001 (read here) won’t happen again. The U.S has been ready to prosecute Mr. Dudus on drugs and arms trafficking charges. But trying to extradite him from his native country of Jamaica was no easy task. So the U.S started pulling strings to get Jamaica’s government to turn him over. How? I’m sure there are ways we don’t know about but one thing the U.S. did was cancel all access to America for Jamaican artists like Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, and Adonia.

The Jamaican government has finally agreed to extradition, but Mr. Coke (this is really his last name) who lives in, no runs Tivoli Gardens, one of the roughest parts of Kingston, Jamaica, doesn’t seem to want to go peacefully. Last week criminals from Denham Town and Tivoli Gardens put up blockades surrounding all entries to the community to protect him.

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