Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Court Docs Show Shell Oil Paid Nigerian Military to Squash Oil Activism

Oil pollution in Nigeria
The Shell Oil company has been accused of doing a lot of dirty work to allow the company to exploit poor countries around the world.  Nigeria has always been at the top of that list, being a major oil producer.  The problem is that only a few have gotten wealthy from the oil, while millions of others are on the brink of starvation.

It is now being reported that Shell paid the Nigerian military to squash rebellions and peaceful protests by any means necessary.  This led to the deaths of thousands of people, and the killings occurred in such a way that Shell was able to conveniently deny responsibility.

The UK Guardian tells it best:

Shell has never denied that its oil operations have polluted large areas of the Niger Delta – land and air. But it had resisted charges of complicity in human rights abuses.
Court documents now reveal that in the 1990s Shell routinely worked withNigeria's military and mobile police to suppress resistance to its oil activities, often from activists in Ogoniland, in the delta region.
Confidential memos, faxes, witness statements and other documents, released in 2009, show the company regularly paid the military to stop the peaceful protest movement against the pollution, even helping to plan raids on villages suspected of opposing the company.
According to Ogoni activists, several thousand people were killed in the 1990s and many more fled that wave of terror that took place in the 1990s.



Anonymous said...

People,just study colonialism in AFRICA,read behold the pale white horse,watch the movie the Zeigist,do research on the Boheiman club and then you will understand this.this is not new..

NorthsideRasta said...

This is another example of no matter the nationality often we aren't our own best friend.Marcus Garvey was spied & lied on by our"own people",so no surprise.
"Some of our leaders will sell out for pottage",Mr.Garvey said in referring to accepting bribes from white and black enemies.

UPTDC said...

This why an Ethiopian friend of mine said they don't get along with most other Africans, because they would rather kill their own brothers for the white man than fight the white man for their own people. He used the Battle of Adwa as an example,the only other stalwart nation was Liberia everyone else made deals with their European colonizers. The saddest part is you would think a CONTINENT full of Nubians would fight more. Blacks of this hemisphere have a more rebellious spirit than they and we're in the land of our oppressors.

RICAREG said...

Don't think for one moment that Shell is the only one accused of such infractions. When companies such as Mobil-Exxon and others have more money than the combined GNP of third world countries, then buying off political parties is no more than a chess game with blood money on the line.