Monday, October 10, 2011

Dr. Boyce: Why Herman Cain is the Perfect Racist

by Dr. Boyce Watkins,Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action 

This week, I spent some time on the radio in New York debating Karen Hunter from MSNBC about the legitimacy of the Presidential candidacy of Herman Cain. Cain has surged in the polls lately, making some wonder if he actually has a chance to win the Republican nomination for president.  Herman Cain has as much chance of being president as a Black Elmer Fudd, but for some reason, there are those who want to believe that he's for real.

Cain continued on his trail of silly statements this week by saying that racism is not a factor in economic inequality in America. The candidate argues that educational and geographic differences account for disparities in wealth levels and unemployment. The statement is curious, because these words serve as further evidence that Cain never studied structural inequality in school.  Also, to continue Cain’s argument, inequality exists because black people are either naturally, culturally or strategically inferior to whites, which is the convenient explanation taught to us in White Supremacy 101.

While I won’t go into all the reasons that Cain is wrong in his statements on racism, the truth is that Cain seems to be building his campaign by making one eye brow raising statement after another. In fact, he has become the shock jock of the Republican Party.

Being a shock jock is great for the radio and selling books, but it’s not the stuff that makes one into a serious Commander-in-Chief. Even within the Republican ranks, Cain’s candidacy merely deflects attention away from the flaws of more serious contenders, like Rick Perry’s love for the Confederate flag and all the other things that make Republicans just so darn interesting. But when the dust settles and the smoke clears, Republican leadership will ask Cain to walk off the track in the same way the pace setter is removed after the first two laps of a big Olympic race.

Cain has also made a career of hurling insults at black people that no white man could ever get away with. His words have not been measured or diplomatic enough to garner broad-based support, and are about as sloppy and ignorant as a man killing a fly with a shotgun. Cain says things about black people that he could never say about other ethnic groups; if he were to say that all Jews were brainwashed (as he said about African Americans), he’d be off the stage before finishing his sentence.

Herman Cain has become, in many ways, the perfect racist. America lives under the interesting premise that a racist can’t be black. That’s like believing that a man can’t hate his sibling, or that a woman can’t advocate for a man to beat his wife (as Whoopi did to Oprah in “The Color Purple”). The truth is that racism is typically most effective when you put a black face on it, and Herman Cain has volunteered to become the cute little political puppet which allows white America to say the things that they are afraid to say out loud.

It is their ability to put Cain out front to absorb the criticism for racist remarks that makes millions of Right Wing Americans so happy about his racial politics. Cain validates and brings security to a set of ideas that are generally unacceptable to those who understand America’s ugly racial history. In this regard, Cain is a breath of fresh air because he is the only Republican who doesn’t change the subject when the issue of race is brought to the table.

As an older black man, Herman Cain certainly understood the challenges of Jim Crow. But Cain was also able to evade Jim Crow by willfully standing to the side in the fight for Civil Rights (yes, he has admitted that he avoided the Civil Rights struggle). So, Cain cannot, in any way, connect his contributions to the black community, nor his readily marketed ethnic legitimacy to that of his fellow Morehouse graduate, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. While he might have validity among those who gladly accept the rewards that come from the sacrifices of others, Cain cannot profess to have been willing to make necessary socio-political sacrifices himself. He stands on the backs of the brave, yet joins forces with the descendants of their historical oppressors.

Instead of marching for progress, Cain learned long ago that making whites feel comfortable was a powerful and simple key to success. He seems to think that black folks who are unwilling to give in to structurally oppresive forces are somehow making things worse for themselves by not standing and applauding the grace of whites who’ve decided to no longer hang our relatives in the middle of the night. No different from the way he ducked and hid from those who marched with Dr. King in the 1960s, Herman Cain is ducking and hiding from doing the right thing today.

So, not only is Herman Cain a political gimmick, he is also a coward.  Those are just a couple of the many reasons that Cain can never be President of the United States of America.  He's no Colin Powell, and he's no Barack Obama.  The most he can ever be is entertaining.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 


Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary and perspective.Herman Cain is just as opening act, a side show routine attempting to use brinksmanship, a symbol without substance and a short run show.In the Bible Cain... did kill his own brother Able while they were in the field because he was jealous and filled with envy.Perhaps in this field of candidates he may think he can destroy or kill the character of President Obama. In reality and in the end he will be of no consequence and on the same island that he is on now. The only difference is that he will be a used handi wipe and no longer needed by the republican party.

Elrancho2 said...

I was so anxious to read your perspective and as usual, I couldn't agree with you more. In my mind, he is playing to the gallery and of course, it's sweet music to racist ears. I cannot imagine what his family (or friends - assuming he has any) must think of him. I would be embarrassed to know the man.

Anonymous said...

Great article Dr. Watkins!!! You’ve summed up Herman “Big Black Joke” Cain.

Anonymous said...

It’s a sad in what’s going on in the mind of this insane human being… I really don’t know what to say at this point and time… I just want to know if this marry is married and does he have any children? I don’t know anything about this fool….I feel really sorry for his family.

Anonymous said...

Once again, you have shown that you are nothing more than a puppet for the leftist Democrat agenda. Cain is right. Most black people, you included, are brainwashed and not open to any other ideas than those espoused by Master Democrat. Enjoy the plantation.

Amayesinraine said...

Stephen Fetchit is alive and well adn living in the body of Herman Cain. He is the prime example of why our folks are so behind the dominant culture in this country. He is also a prime example of what white folks love about him....a traitor to his community. He is a fool adn I am embarrassed by him.

Anonymous said...

The above comment rendered by,"Enjoy the plantation", is clearly a racist. He/She and Cain belong on the same ticket.This is sad in this day, and time.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I have to disagree with you on this matter of Mr. Cain (I guess I'll be called "boy wonder"). I think Mr. Cain has a very good no nonsense approach to running for President. Let's get away from hatred and talk about the facts 9-9-9plan, let’s talk about his leadership, etc. President Obama knew before he raised his right hand that it was going to be tough. But to sit back and blame the rich and racism is crazy. President Obama, in my opinion lack leadership, business knowledge, and insight. When we start talking about taxing the rich for their fair share then talk about the millions of the middle class and poor in Feb - Apr who get back ALL the money they paid into the federal tax's called a tax return. So, until you don't go asking for your money back then you too are not paying your fair share either in taxes. Go Mr. Herman Cain for President and bet you this he won't allow them to call him a liar as President. Be fair folks give your chance to get out of that box and explore new ways of life. Peace

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Dr. Watkins. I think Herman Cain is a example of a ignorant racist. He demonstrates no professionalism. He appears to lack the correct knowledge about anything. I wonder where did his stupidity come from. But he is so silly , I thing the comedy show is where he need to be and not in politics. He is the prime example of a low class wanna be more than you are. He cannot even hold a decent conversation.

Anonymous said...

"Avoided the civil rights struggles" many of our very own parents and grandparents did the same. I think everyone has their own indivual calling and during that time he had a vision to get educated and do other things. example how many black folks went to the Million March? Guess what not all, but that didn't mean they didn't believe in the cause. Come on jst look at the man's plan

Prettyface said...

Cain is the Nigger that his slave masters have train to be his stool pigeon . He have turn his back on his family and pretended to be white all of his foolish life . And what is left of it. Is just stupidy of a educated fool . You need to go get a book on Willie Lynch and read it you stupid Jack ass . Well you know you will never get President never in this Life . Go get you the King James Version Bible 1611 and read it . And apply it to your Life . Sinner's will go to Hell the Lord say it and I repeated it . Hell fire is for the WICKED .

Brad Caldwell- Charlotte said...

Dr. Watkins, Your comments about the new porch monkey is so ture. He will learn the Republicians will use him as another example of former Maryland Lt. Gov Michael Steele, as a chance to lure more black support. As a former resdient of Maryland that process will not work. Herman Cain can talk all he wants, but will never be or succed President Obama.

cd hawkins said...

Dr Watkins,
Thanks for being the voice of many including myself. However I'm just a little curious how The University supports your position on views that are contrary to their base.

Anonymous said...

You've put Mr. Cain in exactly the correct box he should be put into: a sellout. Unfortunately, it seems that once we get into positions of status and power, we leave many (who we once identified with) behind... Herman Cain stands about as much chance of becoming the Republican candidate for President as I do, and that will never happen!

Prettyface said...

Make yourself known stand up for Jesus the way the truth and the Light (Life ) Cowards Hide behind the Truth . You can't hide from Jesus . Hello ....

Thomas Byrd Shaw said...

You sir, are an idiot. Please stop sending me your hateful and ignorant rhetoric. It's people like you that keep black people down. You are the enemy we must fight, the people who shout down those who would question the status quo.

Anonymous said...

I don't get how Herman Cain is a racist. As long as you have the standard Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc leftist Democratic party line it is ok to criticize Black people but if you happen to be a Republican, then the Black person is racist and against his own people.

The people who make money out of racism on the left such as you have a profit incentive to stop Herman Cain. Why? He doesn't team victimology, he doesn't distract young Blacks from focusing on self improvement with trivial racial politics. He wants to cut taxes on Black business owners and the middle class and yes, Wealthy Blacks too with the 999 plan.

The Black political leadership wants everyone stepping in line with a victim- a racial based ideology that has not been working for some time. Talking about racism all day, everyday keeps people from looking within, within self and within their community. If Black people would focus on self and doing better vs racism, the GOP, and whites, we would be a lot better.

What happened to the self empowerment component of Black Nationalism? Doesn't Cain represent a "do for self" program? The idea that Blacks should focus on racism, blaming whites, depend on government programs, and not look within for blame is a sick and perverse doctrine. You have positioned yourself as a race profiteer so I can see how any improvement in race relationships or a pull back in Black victimology would hurt your personal pockets.

Anonymous said...

Heman Cain proves that the shackles
have been taken off our feet and put on our minds. We number in the
millions and are a nation inside
a nation. Let's keep talking to each other and wake the sleeping giant.
2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Anonymous said...

Herman Cain will probably get a job at FOX. Crazy worked for Sarah Palin. I would rather a person not give latinos a leg up and tell me to march. It is the same message but Cain is direct. I see the feds step in to assist illegal immigrants. While blacks standing in job fair lines are told to march, stop complaining. One man is direct the other isn't. The only difference is Cain is going to to be a racist to ALL minorites. Hurray!!! Maybe we can all march together!

Cornell J. Price said...

Professor Watkins, your take on Herman "Clown" was precisely on point. He is also a perfect exponent for the G.O.P.( Greedy Old Plutocrats ), a topic that I'm sure you'll address when you dismantle his 999 plan for continued exploitation of the laboring class and the impoverished while maintaining the status quo for the well-off. Bravo and kudos to you for shining the light again. Why do those that disparage you tend to do so anonymously? No balls or ovaries, I guess. Ciao e Saluti! Brazen Brother Price

Anonymous said...

Well. As his corporate mogul counterpart, the CEO of OWN [White People's only Network], Ms. Winfrey, the woman who passes the wealth and mantle to anyone who doesn't look like her says, "once you go along with the program (as in status quo), the rest is easy." And we all know who's on a whirlwind tour, going to and fro.recruiting who he may, and the oligarchial plutocracy, is the status quo, aka go along with the flow.

In this "greed is good;" "I and me;" "More is better (as long as more is about I and me)" mentality/corporate greed cult, everything is okay or alright.

Integrity, morality, conscientiousness, empathy, human compassion is not a part of the super greed AAA "winner's" mantra. And who do black's who have "arrived" have to betray and/or snub but their own? How soon we forget.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was Langston Hughes who said that Black people will make you hate yourself. Mr. Cain must have run into those type of Black people, because he hates himself. He is a source of bigotry entertainment though. I can see the being that he desires to be sitting around the table getting a kick out of him doing all of their racist work for them.

Gerald said...

Simply put it has become the highest level of Black on Black Crime!!! Herman Cain is being used asba weapon.

Chris Conlee said...

This is a disgusting 'analysis' based on completely faulty assumptions. With thinking like this, I hate to say it, the blacks in this great country will never lift the yokes of oppression from their shoulders.

First of all, Mr. Cain did not 'admit' to standing on the sidelines during the civil rights movement. He was a young teenager who's father advised him to avoid confrontation. Instead he attended an historically black college and earned advanced degrees in mathematics and computer science that he might in fact make meaningful changes for blacks. Namely by achieving great success in a 'white world,' and showing others that it can in fact be done with hard work and dedication to one's cause.

I also flatly deny your allegations that calling Jews, or Latinos, or any other group "brainwashed" is offensive, let alone terms for railroading anybody from the political discourse. Come off your damn high horse, sir. Brainwashed is an opinion. Your opinion is that Mr. Cain is a racist, and his is that you're brainwashed. Personally, I find your stance FAR MORE offensive. I don't give a good damn who calls me brainwashed; if I'm not, then they can stuff themselves. Again, I guess it's a victims' mentality which feeds this faux indignation.

Lastly, Mr. Cain is NOT A COWARD. If anything, until you stand up and speak those words to his face, you, sir, are the coward here. Anybody who stands on the sidelines hurling invective at a brave and decent man who's standing on principle for this great country and it's strong people, should be ashamed of themselves.

I see only one racist here, and it is you. Look in the mirror sometime.

LadyNyela said...

Thank you Dr. Boyce. Profound commentary as always.

If Herman Cain's opinions weren't so dangerous, they would be hilariously funny.
Sometimes, when he shares his perspective on various topics, I'm not sure whether to cry or be angry. He's a buffoon. His strategy is to attack. He has no idea how to honorably argue his point. Ad hominems will put a smile on the face of the racist, but it won't win him the presidency! I'll be thrilled when they throw is phony butt under the bus.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it; Herman Cain is the second coming of Clarence Thomas! They come from similar backgrounds with both being from Georgia, both growing up poor, both having lived under Jim Crow laws and both trying to deny that the civil rights movement helped set the foundation for their careers!! Oh, by the way; Is Herman Cain's wife, if he has one, WHITE? They're both what I call "Handkerchief head Niggers".

White folks can always find some of us to use to their benefit!!

Anonymous said...

Herman Cain in 2012. I like my men black,strong and direct!!!

No more Kool aid for me!! I won't be the one getting marching orders.


ABKelly said...

You hit the nail on the head!

Anonymous said...

Here's a story regarding Herman Cain a Black Man, A Black Conservative who once owned Godfather's Pizza.H had a good job, with middle-class perks as head of the computer division. He wanted no less than the top position. When he approached his boss and asked, in essence, "How do
I get your job?" the man was honest and said that at Pillsbury the company did not promote from the computer side-only the food division, because that was where the Corp. had its emphasis. I f Cain wanted the top job, he would had to resign his positon and start over in the food side of things, litterally learning the business from ground up-as a counter person at Burger King!Cain relinquished a company car and an executive position to learn the burger business, and in a few weeks
was the regional manager of Burger King stores. Soon, he impressed his supervisors so much that they made him the regional manager of the troubled Godfather's Pizza operations, in Pennsylvania He turned the franchise around, but was named president in 1986 at the age of 40. When Godfather's came on the market, he assembled a team of backers and purchased the company, becoming CEO in 1988, doubling the value of the company.
"That is absolutely a success for him. Just because it wasa success for him does not mean anything. This one reason he talks the way he does. He believes all BLACKS can accomplish what they seek." That is such a lie.

DoverDavisJr. said...

I have two degrees. I was terminated from a government-funded educational program that would have led to a six-figure position for .......correcting a white female's spelling. This happened in New London, Connecticut.

Herman Can does not understand racism.

Reggie W said...

Personally, I think he's a Bigot, but calling him a "racist" is just as good. One thing for sure, I bet African-Americans won't be patronizing Godfather's Pizza anymore, huh? I know, Mr. Cain will pass out alot of Free Pizza to his conservative buddies so they'll get the taste.

DeDove said...

Y'all remember the "high tech lynching of Clarence Thomas in the media, Herman Cain epitomizes the bigh tech dancing of steppin Fetchit and all those jive time "uncle toms"; not the real brothers who used humility to survive, but them jive time tap dancing nigras who used those tactics for thier own personal gain to make mr. charlie like them. Great article Doctor; wish it could be posted in all the media.

Anonymous said...

Here are 3 white bufoons, Clarence
Thomas, Alan West of Tampa,Fl and
Herman Cain. These 3 Black Conservatives are no more than White inside and Black on the outside which causes significant harm to BLACK AMERICA who see though the eyes of the White Framers of the Constitution. They are only doing the work of the racist Whites, in which they love.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how Mr. Cain is racist for saying what many black folk as well as white folk believe. Research shows there were economically successful black people before the Civil Rights Movement. Apparently their formula bore resembance to Mr. Cain's father's approach. "Work hard and keep your mouth shut and don't rock the boat". Worked for some....
I always found it intersting that Malcolm X and Ronald Reagan felt the same way about welfare programs, for different reasons perhaps, but essentially the same. Both felt that welfare and public assistance eventually led to dependency and cheap cheap sale of work ethic and its intrinsic components,dignity and self esteem.
Racism may play a role in our relatve positions but we still bear the responsibility for our own individual destinies.
The irony is that we do blindly give our support and loyalty to one party inspite of the fact that we are not a monolithic people. Take out racial(civil rights)issues and many black people are alot like Mr. Cain; conservative. We want prayer back in schools, we don't want gays asserting influence on our children, we favor capital punishment, we want stricter crime control, lower taxes, more effective drug enforcement, hell we'd be pro business if it meant we'd benefit from being that way. Ninety seven percent of black people voted for a president who tells them to quit complaining, after he bails out everybody on Wall Street (I wonder how many of them voted for him)and begs for bi-partisanship from and capitulates to people who hate him for no other reason than because he's black . Why didn't he tell that SOB who called him a Liar in front of the whole world to stop complainin'. I don't like Herman Cain, he's being used just like Michael Steele, and Condeleeza, and Colin...that's politics baby. But an alternative point of view may have validity to him and he's entitled to pursue it. Can you blame him?
I guess the black presidency thing is about the symbolism of one job. Our community needs the reality of about a million jobs, why not listen to everyone? Better yet why wait on government to provide them? Personal responsibilty and healthy families can't be mandated by the goverment. Cain and Obama have more in common than not... neither has the inclination, nor the real capability to help where we really need it. I wonder who's payin Cain to hang in there? There obviously real good money in Tommin'

Bone Esq. said...

Has Mr. Cain had the courage to say that those lovers of the confederate flag really are supporters of those who were traitors to the United States of America? He calls the Wall Street protesters "unAmerican" which shows that the poor man has no inkling of what the First Amendment means; yet I have not read him saying anything about those who follow and identify with these traitors who took up arms against the United States and attacked the government.These people are demonstrably "unAmerican."

princessking International said...

Great Commentary Dr. Boyce,
Anonymous you are insane in the membrane and lacking vital information to lengthy to even add here. You really sound like one of those white RW trolls who enter the debate for distraction purposes. Sorry, I read the entire Karl Rove email on how to distract liberals and specifically Obama supporters from the truth. Intelligent black people are not going to fall for yours or Herman Cain's BS. Dr. Watkins commentary has defeated your entire deranged argument before you even started posting. I'm not trying to be cruel..just calling it like I see it. You completely assume that folks don't see a racist when they see one. Do you think Mr. Cain would have joined Rick Perry at Nigger Head Lodge. I think he proudly would have considering his many recent racist statements. Herman Cain reminds me of the fictional character "Clayton Bigsby" only he is very real. SMH/so sad.

JennySueR2 said...

I gave Obama a chance. He has done a horrible job. I am impressed with Cain. He is a hard worker & sets a good example for our youth.

Anonymous said...

I would be cautious and not call Cain a racist outright,but i am suspicious that he harbors some of the sentiments that conservatives discuss at the dinner table to rationalize high black unemployment and other social disparity.I am a Caribbean native who lived and worked in the USA for 20 years and met many black Americans who after achieving an in road into corporate america cannot relate to the plight of their brothers. Cain is one of those. I was a manager at a Chicago hotel, one day in a casual chat with the white GM, he described with glee, an incoming African american senior manager as "The guy who can fire anyone and have them thank him for it" I love this guy he continued. When i met this new guy i understood, he was a white mans dream like Cain. Hope the voters are wise to him.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are not the largest minority latinos are. They are getting help from the gov't. Now there is some marching with power! While this is being discussed they are being assisted into getting rights, they are not entitled to. WHile this is being discussed the gov't is attackinig every state that is stopping the invasion of latinos in their prospective states. While this is discussed latino fathers are supporting thier families and staying to raise their kids. Building a strong community,While we discuss this they are getting aid because they have more to offer as far as votes. The next group in black communites running businesses, cleaners etc. Will be the latinos, they
stick together, they have legal and gov't help and they aren't asleep.

No one is offended that the needs of illegal immigrants are put above your own? Really?

Anonymous said...

Malcol X describes Herman Cain in the video "House Negro".

JennySueR2 said...

In Response to Anonymous who assumes Cain's wife is white... What does that have to do with his politics? I don't know what race his wife is, but your comment was offensive to my sensibility. Grow up.

Alonzo Q. said...

Sadly, I have to disagree with you on this matter of Mr. Cain (I guess I'll be called "boy wonder"). I think Mr. Cain has a very good no nonsense approach to running for President. Let's get away from hatred and talk about the facts 9-9-9plan, let’s talk about his leadership, etc. President Obama knew before he raised his right hand that it was going to be tough. But to sit back and blame the rich and racism is crazy. President Obama, in my opinion lack leadership, business knowledge, and insight. When we start talking about taxing the rich for their fair share then talk about the millions of the middle class and poor in Feb - Apr who get back ALL the money they paid into the federal tax's called a tax return. So, until you don't go asking for your money back then you too are not paying your fair share either in taxes. Go Mr. Herman Cain for President and bet you this he won't allow them to call him a liar as President. Be fair folks give your chance to get out of that box and explore new ways of life.

"Avoided the civil rights struggles" many of our very own parents and grandparents did the same. I think everyone has their own indivual calling and during that time he had a vision to get educated and do other things. example how many black folks went to the Million March? Guess what not all, but that didn't mean they didn't believe in the cause. Come on jst look at the man's plan.


Anonymous said...

Contrary to your erroneous claim at the beginning of your post, Dr. Boyce, Cain did not say all blacks have been brainwashed. He said some blacks have been brainwashed and your commentary and many of the comments in this discussion prove it!

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain to me why "BLACK BLOGS" don't insist on ADS that feature BLACK PEOPLE?

If Herman Cain is such a sell-out, what does the lack of AA models in ADS say about those who take the money to the exclusion of BLACK FOLKS.

Why is that same white bikini-clad woman featured on most Black websites?

If you're goning to talk the talk, WALK THE WALK...BOYCE...!!!

Jus Sayin'

Gary James said...

Any candidate seeking the nomination for President of the USA, black or white, Democratic or Republican must demonstrate that they know just how to deal with black folk...

Anonymous said...

Why is it so many blacks who are sucessful have the same thoughts as Herman. wonder if they would think the same thing if they where in so many of our shoes. I don't see sucessful Jews down playing their people struggles,like so many of our black people do. We are our own enemy against one another.

Anonymous said...

I am anxious to hear how he reacts when the party tells him to take a hike.

How will he characterize that position?

Alonzo Q. said...

It's easy being "poor", so try something more challenging. And that's Mr. Cain's point. As people moved from the south and headed north for a better life. In time that myth went full circle and now folks moving back south for that better life.

Remember, Lincoln was a Republican, so maybe it's time to head back to that party. Just food for thought.

I know this much that "class envy" stuff is for the birds. Money make money..handouts make more handouts.

Give the brotha a chance...Go Mr. Cain!!!

Anonymous said...

Corporate Wall Street slick advert marketers hoodwinked white voters into electing a half white Kenyan American President. They can also hoodwink white voters into electing a Negro Black American that hates his race to be President. Both Cain and Obama serve the same masters - white controlled corporate wealth and the good ol' boys! Cain will finish killing his brethren in the vain effort to preserve fading white supremacy. Or may be they will go with a Mormon and we all know the Mormons viewed Black people as inferior and descendants from Adam - Blacks could not even become ministers in the Mormon church

Anonymous said...

Corporate Wall Street slick advert marketers hoodwinked white voters into electing a half white Kenyan American President. They can also hoodwink white voters into electing a Negro Black American that hates his race to be President. Both Cain and Obama serve the same masters - white controlled corporate wealth and the good ol' boys! Cain will finish killing his brethren in the vain effort to preserve fading white supremacy. Or may be they will go with a Mormon and we all know the Mormons viewed Black people as inferior and descendants from Adam - Blacks could not even become ministers in the Mormon church

The Good Brother said...

At some point we are going to have to stop using the fact that we have differing opinions as an excuse to not get along. While I don't agree with his position, I am not willing to call him out of his name because of what he believes. In my opinion, some of what he says has merit, however, I think a lot has to do with what our knowledge of our history is. I believe in self-help and self-determination;I am definitely against the victim mentality, but I am not a supporter of capitalism, because capitalism came to prominence as a result of slavery, and if you read the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, slavery and indentured servitude still exist as punishment for a crime. Therefore you can be legally enslaved in the 21st century. It is not a thing of the past.

ACAllgood said...

Dr. Watkins, you did it again, Thanks. Cain is not a new game, the white man is using him for the moment to be his mouthpiece then his favor of the month will be old.Black people, stay the course, Know that we only have God on our side, which has bought us Thus Far and will never leave us, So, don't Leave Jesus. Don't lose focus of the Killer in Mississippi, justice must be done. Get your ID's or you will not be able to vote, Republician Plot. President Obama have fought them his whole Term and still losing, that is the only reason why he look as though he haven't been successful.We are still Overcoming, Stand Up For Right.

curiousreader said...

Great comments, very insightful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree with the article. Herman Cain is a man who made his own way. He is an inspiration to alot of people myself included. Just for the record I am a white man. I am not in the least bit prejudiced toward any race of people. I took the time to read thru most of the statements on here and a lot of them are very sad to be honest. Black, White, purple with stripes; When a people take on a victim mentality they will live in defeat. I am not saying racism does not happen because it does but think for just a moment the next time one is tempted to shout racist one should look at the facts not just the skin color of the people involved. Pay attention to facts and not just what one wants to see. We are all in this sinking boat togeather and we ALL have to find some way to fix it or we ALL will find ourselfs in a world hurt no matter what race you are or what one's ancestors did or got done to them.

ReneldaMoorehead said...

Why pick on Sugah Cain? He's just adding a radically new black perspective to the Republican party
that has heretofore never been expressed. He's putting some english on the ball,so to speak.
Otherwise, the Republicans would have a most boring slate. And we
should know that he echoes the sentiments of many black folks. But
if one has been Obamatized then
vitriolic feelings toward Sugah Cain would be evident. Frankly, I
believe Obama feels quite a bit like Sugah Cain on many issues.
As I see it, it is refreshing to see a black man, a Repbulican, with
the guts to have a divergent point
of view form the standard black Democratic point of view. Cain's
stance, unpopular among most of the posters on this blog, shows he
possesses a sense of freedom, that he is not inured with the slave
mentality so common to most of my people,African Americans. Neither
Obama or Cain will get my 'vote',
but I am glad to see Sugah Cain in the arena. That is America to me.

atty1chgo said...

I agree with your assessment that Herman Cain is a racist. But your presentation is flawed in this respect: you must hate the man so much that you are unwilling to recognize ANY contributions Mr. Cain has made in the black community. Specifically, you make the false assertion that "Cain cannot, in any way, connect his contributions to the black community" because he didn't participate in the civil rights movement. Never mind that he is a successful businessman and has created jobs in the black community. There are many entrepreneurs who weren't involved in the struggle who became a success, but I am sure that somehow evade your criticism. I guess it political ideology that determines whether someone has made a contribution, not the actual acts themselves. In other words, if you were NOT of the ideology of the Movement, you have not "earned" your place in life, you have stolen it from the hard work of others. But the only thing that distinguishes Cain from a similarly situated liberal is their political ideology, not achievement. Not coincidentally, black people who achieve in business must suck up to Whitey or they would not have made it. That's just plain nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I do not find Mr. Cain entertaining. Nor a buffoon. I find him dangerous. He is the Cain who shouts to God: Am I my brother's keeper after having killed him.
This man is used (I am sure he is proud of it) as a lighting rod as to legitimize racist thinking and utterings which until now were hemmed in as e.g. calling President Obama Barry Hussein since some racists did not yet dare use the N-word openly. Your salon racism brought to you by a successful black businessman. What a charade.
Also there is some divide and conquer: one of us is making us look ugly openly. So a verbal fight ensues. Don't fall for it. People from whatever color are not stupid. They see this ugliness for what it is: wanton hatred. The ones who think Cain is strong: no. Opportunists who betray their own and let themselves be used as puppets since they have self-hatred are not strong. Quite the opposite. Want a remembrance? Get the DVD Murder on a Sunday Morning (HBO run ten years ago). Love to you all. And before I forget: again your analysis is dead on, Dr. Watkins.

Anonymous said...

Check this out people: some very sensible man in contrast to the hooey of a Cain: Cornel West.

Love to you all.

John Prewett said...

A black human being

who declines to put all blame on "the white man/establishment" for his failures and problems ....

who understands the problems of many peoples [of any race] are due to bad personal decisions, ....

will be deemed an "uncle Tom" and the like by those blacks who have been brainwashed [thanks in part to white liberals] into thinking all or nearly all their problems and pain is due to racism.

Seneferu Khepera said...

Unfortunately there were a few comments that were of support of Herman Cain. I don't know whether these were black people who are just as ignorant as Mr. Cain or white racists pretending to speak for black people since they chose not toleave their name. Racism in this country is systemic. Although I agree President Obama can exert more leadership qualities, the fact is that black unemployment doubling that of whites is no accident or artifact. It is due to old-fashion racism. We as a people must do for ourselves. Support black businesses. You Cain supporters out there. How many black workers did Herman Cain employed? Did he put money into black business owners pocket?

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. It should be expected that there will be differences of opinion (even from black people) regarding Cain. Cain is a dangerous and angry man (as shown by his interview on MSNBC) and should be watched closely. He reminds me of how George Wallace was dismissed, but was able to pull a pretty good following before his assassination attempt. As Taalam Acey says, "watch the hands." There is something up here and we need to be vigilant and not just angry and embarrassed. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but something is up and it is not going to be pretty. "Smoke and mirrors - watch the hands."

frasimorgil said...

Outstanding article. Looking down the road, I do hope he gets the nomination, not only because I want his views to be get broader play, but also because the opportunity to see 2 African-Americans run for the highest office would be extraordinary. Also, the President would make certainly get a 2nd term, as the current field lacks luster.

kYm said...

Dr. Boyce, I could not agree with you more. I am so sick of listening to this man and from what it looks like the Tea Party will accept anyone as their "Presidential" candidate that will go with their agenda. Cain, is playing into their hands. We know how the "publicans" do our people. I wonder is going to happen to him, when they drop him like Harry Truman did Japan!

"Diversity" means white genocide said...

All the so-called "anti-racists" are always calling any white person who opposes white genocide a "white supremacist".

Africa for the Africans,Asia for the Asians,white countries for EVERYBODY!

Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.

Save Our Children said...

Our Future Or Back To This
By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Just what in the world is wrong with “African Americans” in America today
You rather drink, make babies, curse, get fat, sell drugs and kill one another
So call men, not Real Men are letting good Children and Women go astray
We run our mouths and pretend that we still care about a Sister or Brother

Our Children are struggling to live and our Women are struggling to work
Males are selling drugs, robbing and killing while females are having babies
Our enemies are really enjoying just how much “niggers” are going berserk
More and more, America is treating African Americans like they have rabies

They can no longer kill us in cotton fields, so they are using guns and prisons
Dr. King envision a future for African Americans and President Obama is it
Why are we not also fighting to give our children a future, what are the reasons
Instead of supporting our President, on our worthless behinds we rather just sit

Politicians, teachers, preachers, police, are out there having sex with children
President Obama and the First Lady are prime examples of being good parents
Our Children can make it when they have parents on whom they can depend
Do we want children to have jobs, nice homes or live with drugs and rodents

Our children are living in homes with obese, filthy mouth parents doing drugs
They have no idea how to help their children with homework or read the Bible
Instead of a great relationship with a Man, females only love money from thugs
Our neighborhoods have gotten away from days of unity and resorted to rival

Good teachers, preachers, neighbors are trying to make bad children change
Instead of offering appreciation, children’s “so-called” parents take offense
In the meantime our poor children are being shot like targets on a firing range
We better put down the liquor, drugs, sexual obsession and pickup some sense

Pull our pants up, control our eating, sleeping around and get our lives on track
Our enemies are just happy about us constantly on ourselves, pulling the trigger
Like grocery on shelves day after day, in cemeteries and jails we are stacked
Will we be African Americans again or enjoy “Just Being Considered “Niggers”

David Harrington said...

Good article, but we need to advance the racism discussion to one that deals with structural racism; that is an examination of the policies and structures that are intended to supplant an equity and equality agenda. The Cain problem is not whether he or other African-Americans are racist, the problem is their capitulation of policies in the name of ambition. Their voice then provides credence of policies intended to widen the gulf between the haves and have nots; and provide a frame which blames the have nots for their condition. Cain would have you believe that the poor are responsible for their lot and have you believe those who prey upon the poor are working in our best interest.

Anonymous said...

How about this perspective: blacks, no more than any other group of people, are not a single, cohesive demographic as we're often at pains to let people know - and because of that, people like HC pop up and prove our point. It's not a bad thing, but something to be celebrated. I'm delighted there are blacks out there like him purely because it gives power to the message that we are not in a box, we can do/say/act how we feel and ultimately, deal with the consequences. He's a presidential candidate - he'll burn out under such harsh conditions if he's as dumb as we think, but there's a broader, positive slant on this whole piece.

Karen said...

Interesting article Dr. Watkins but your facts are incorrect.

1. Herman Cain's candidacy is for real. Many a black folk thought President Obama had no chance and they would never live to see a black man elected President of the United States. Pres. Obama's election and Mr. Cain's surge in the Republican Party is called progress.

2. Herman never said "inequality exist be blacks are inferior to whites". Don't put words in his mouth or show us his quote.

3. Do not diminish Herman Cain just because you disagree with his outlook. He never suggested racism is not alive and well but that it does not hold us back in a major way. If I don't get a job because I am black, it won't stop me working at all, I'll get a job somewhere else. Life is not fair and all is not equal. Whether I am discriminated because of race, gender, weight or looks, I decide if I will allow it to hold me back in a major way. I may have to worker, have more doors closed or take longer to achieve my goals. But as long as it does not stop me, it does not hurt me in a major way. My trials become my strength.

3. High unwed pregnancy rate, lack of education, drugs, single parent households, parent not providing for their children is more racist and destructive towards black folk than Herman Cain could every be or think.

Herman Cain did what our fore-fathers fought for. He persevere in the midst obstacles, he did not take for granted that his parents had to work two and three jobs. Herman Cain continued to complete the work his for-fathers began. He went to school, he voted and he did not have a pity party. Herman never said his life was easy, he just did not give up and had enough common sense to grab opportunities that he had a hand in creating. His life did not just happen nor is it luck. He worked for it. He is trying to help create opportunities for other s to be successful.

Constructive Feedback said...

Dr Wakins:

I think that the problem with you and other Black Progressive-Fundamentalists is that you can't bring yourself to see that there is a "Balance Of Trade" between Black America and the American Political Domain.

Herman Cain WILL NOT have many Black people investing their "Equal Black Ballots" into his campaign cause. No Black Racial Services Machine operative will tell the Black Rank & File to fuse their collective "Black Community Uplift Consciousness" into his electoral victory.

Dr Watkins as a person who watches your antics - the rebuttal of your argument is easy -

The words that you SAY against Cain you WANT TO SAY against Obama and the entire Progressive Political Establishment. THEY have received the monopoly balance of these VALUABLE RESOURCES based on the investment advisers who are working on the inside like you.

When RACISM ran amok Black people were assaulted and murdered on the street. The RACIST individuals kept silent and thus allowed justice to bleed on the streets so that they would not have to INDICT the machine that kept the community in check. ANY DIFFERENCE TODAY?

When RACISM ran unchecked Black schools were inferior in their ability to educate our children so that they would one day matriculate into Professional Service positions that our communities needed to prosper. The same failings occur today with the key difference being the people who now RUN OUR SCHOOLS received the INVESTMENTS from the Black community that placed them into power.

About 45 years ago one Bayard Rustin told Black folks that the key to our community's economic prosperity was to get Black folks elected to push Progressive Policy. While the front end of the equation worked and our community 401K statements shows all of the investments in 2 year lump sums that happen to match the election cycle - Dr Watkins - the RETURN ON INVESTMENT is plain to see in Detroit, Chicago, Philly, Camden, Newark and elsewhere.

Do you see the perversion of terms that we are dealing with Dr Watkins? You and other Progressive Fundamentalists are scrutinizing a BLACK MAN WHO HAS NEVER HELD ELECTIVE OFFICE as you SHOULD HAVE scrutinized "Hope And Change".

Not Obama in 2008 but the entire erector set that has been built up around our community as our "Community Development Consciousness" was fused into an EXTERNAL Progressive Joint Venture.

Everything that Malcolm X warned us about the "Political Football game" you and others have ignored because you are now starters or "colored commentators" of the game.

The fact that this ONE MAN is the #1 topic among ideologically bigoted Blacks while the nearly 10 thousand individuals who GOT THEIR INVESTMENTS fly by, their PRESENCE IN POWER as PROOF of our "growing racial strength" is a bit of perversion that is worthy of a 3 part novel.

Karen said...

Constructive Feedback -

I am not sure I am bright enough to comprehend everything you just wrote (my intelligence dwindles after 4:00 p.m.) But it sounds good.

Willie Stevenson said...

From what I have read it seems that Mr.Cain,is not being taken sereously. I remind you of what can happen by simply mentioning the name C.Thomas.If the racist right wing GOP could put him on the high court, they can put Cain in the whitehouse! He would be perfect. Perfect to absorb all the abuse of suffering americans both white and black,while doing exactly what the rich wallstreet fatcats want. As the president has said, the people need to get to work and show a voter turnout larger than the one that first put Barrack Obama in office. If this is done the GOP will get rid of Mr.Cain in the same way God got rid of his name sake in the bible!

Laron Jones said...

SELLOUT? Why is it when a black man speaks the truth he is called a sellout?

Tobias said...

Cain = Judas

Tobias said...

If you think cain is speaking the truth, you too have a serious problem.

Laron Jones said...

It's always someones fault but your own. There are more blacks in prison because they commit more crime. Black on black crime is out of control! Black men not taking care of their kids is out of control and we wonder why we have crime education and poverty issues. We have hundreds of free programs to go to school for free quit crying and blaming whitey and better yourself!!!

There are generations of us on welfare because we feel entitled due to what happened 50 years ago. Most white people alive had nothing to do with slavery so why hold it against them? Do you hold it against our own kind who captured transported and sold us in America?!!

We have half our brothers who want to join gangs live the thug life be rappers etc. WAKE UP get an education and better your situation!! Quit beating your woman, take care of your kids and get a damn job!

I know it's not all black men but its a lot who this is about!

Laron Jones said...

Blacks can be racist! Look at the New Black Panther party!!

No double standard: Walter Williams on black racism.
The late South African economist William Hutt, in his 1964 book, The Economics of the Colour Bar, said that one of the supreme tragedies of the human condition is that those who have been the victims of injustices and oppression "can often be observed to be inflicting not dissimilar injustices upon other races."

Black silence in the face of black racism has to be one of the biggest betrayals of the civil rights struggle that included black and white Americans.

Walter E. Williams is the John M. Olin distinguished professor of economics at George Mason University, and a nationally syndicated columnist

Aaron said...

Herman Cain is a joke, one that will be tolerated as much as Michael Steele and he's too ashamed to admit they kicked his butt to the curb. Cain is also an embarrassment to his wife and children. There are skeletons in his closet, when the door opens, he'll run.

Anonymous said...

Herman Cain is nothing more than a Clarence Thomas - full of self hatred. Herman AND Clarence are classic examples of identification with the oppressor. When the whites finish using Cain, they will throw him under the bus just as they did Steele of Maryland. Cain is such a sad example of what slavery has done to the minds of black people. This man is not only not presidential material - he lacks substance in every respect. Poor thing,

Anonymous said...

There may be ten (10) African Americans who will vote for Mr. Cain to day because the refuse to believe that there is still a strugle for African Americans.. They believe because I made it, even if they did somethings that they cannot mention (like brown noseing), you can make it too..

Anonymous said...

This post bases it's arguments on a misrepresentation of Cain's statements. For instance, Cain did not say racism is not a factor in economic inequality; he said that people should not use racism as an excuse.

The Left typically attacks black folks whenever they dare to stray from the Left. Colin Powell. Condoleezza Rice (or as the Left called her, Aunt Jemima).

It's a whole new century, with a whole New Racism.

Anonymous said...

Very well written article. I just start hearing about this jackass Cain recently and I didnt like him initially because of the fact that he's a black republican! Then when I read the statements he made, that made me not like him even more! Yes he is the black face fool white republicans need to entertain for the race for right now. He'll eventually wake up oneday when he realizes that "Jack is calling you a monkey behind your back."

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party are using Herman Cain just like they used Sarah Palin. Palin was there to take votes from Hillary Clinton...Herman Cain will get some "just because" black votes. Those "just because" black votes will not be many but It will have an effect on President Obama.
I can think of two (Smiley & West) It hurts to say that...but.

Anonymous said...

This is just like the homosexual psychiatrist, Dr. Martin Kantor,
that calls all homosexuals homophobic. Dr. Boyce IS ignorant, STUPID, mentally sick, delusional, psychotic! Then Dr. Boyce is the perfect example of what we got from affirmative action. An educated IDIOT!

navin forsbee said...

You are one sick and twisted piece of shit!

AJ Weberman said...

I don't think the policies of the Liberal Democrats have been working for Black people in America. The senseless killing, hard drug dealing, single mom families and the rest of the craziness still persist. Obama aint done squat for Black people other than change the crack penalties. For the liberals it is all fantasy as they don't send their kids to public schools nor do they live in Black neighborhoods. Time for a change. I was in the Civil Rights Movement in 1959 and I think things have only gotten worse.

Anonymous said...

Herman Cain is a very well educated black man who knows good politics, and for you people to attack him just shows your ignorance! However, we dont expect less from you. Rick Perry 2012

Save Our Children said...

If We Save Our Children We Save America
Baltimore, Maryland 21207
(410) 790-0264

To: My Fellow African Americans & All Americans Citizens

Re: Stop Procrastinating & Step-Up To Save Our Children

Dear One & All,

God has been trying to direct me for more than twenty some years and I have been moving in His directions but also allowing Satan to step-in and pull me off track.

Let me assure you that as of this day, October 17, 2010, God is fully in charge of my life. God told me today to stop saying I believe in Him, getting down on my knees and praying and then getting up and worshipping Him and Satan. It was almost as if He was visible, setting next to me at my computer.

His message was so clearer and understandable that I had to turn it into a Motivational Poem so others could read His message. My Brothers and Sisters of all Races but especially my African American Race, let me assure you, God is trying His best to wake us up.

God wants us all to work together and not against one another. He knows that Satan will always have control of some people but He would like for His people to save as many people as possible from Satan’s claws and jaws.

When it comes to People Saving People, God knows who He can trust. If you have a computer, go to Google or Yahoo and put in “Civil Rights Activist” and click on “Images.” You can see picture of so many people who fought for our freedom. Many of them gave their lives. God stood by them the entire time. He is doing the same for us but we need to be returning the favor.

We need to “Save Our People.” Especially our young males. God’s and our enemies want to destroy them because they know if they do, they can erase the African Americans. I am sure you remember what happened to the Indians.

Brothers and Sisters, God has told me to tell you to stop hanging out with Satan, or just doing nothing while our enemies are constantly planning how to destroy our Race. We can prosper without killing ourselves and others. Brains and unity not bullets and drugs are the answer to our future.

Please, do not ignore God’s Message. Start helping one another to help our children and save our Race. America is building more prisons and less schools. Who do you think they are being built for? If you do not know you must have been living on Mars, all of your life. This message is not from me but from God through me. Please listen to God!!!!

Save Our Children said...

by: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Murderers attending colleges with our children
Murderers walking in our schools off the streets
Just what is it going to take for us to start caring?
Children’s lives are at stake, forget being discreet

Parents get up and walk your children to school
Mothers instead of birth control, parental control
Thanks to not caring, neighborhoods are cesspools
Neighborhoods and our children, we best get a hold

Stop waiting for the police to bring law and order
Live the way we should, police would be elsewhere
Adults are the reason children’s lives are in disorder
What we are doing to our children is beyond unfair

Get children from in front of the televisions, please
To know their future they must first know their past
Watching 53 MTV is not the road to college degrees
52 VH1 is taking them down the wrong road fast

Adults lift you heads and open your eyes to reality
Reality is, our children are gasping for breaths of life
To get it, adults we must develop a better mentality
Come together; take our children from the lowlifes

Show children Black Museums and the Smithsonian
Our children do not know or care about their history
Baltimoreans why should you dislike Washingtonians
Until we stop hating and killing we will never be free

It is our own self-hatred that creates the Don Imus’s
When you are weak, others will surely take advantage
Families, we need to rekindle love, strength and trust
For our children let us start to, “Rebuild The Village”

It Is All About Saving Them

Save Our Children said...

by: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Males, how quickly they can brag about being men
Men, children are in direr need of our quick return
Males are taking our children down the road of sin
Men, from us about Real Life children could learn

Men sometimes go to jail for protecting their family
Males go to jail for robbery, rape, and other stupidity
Men show women love, appreciation and hospitality
Males leave women with babies and a lack of stability

Men do not leave their sons alone to be raised by a gang
Males hang on street corners instead of going to school
Men teach children about education not about slang
Males run the streets selling drugs and acting like fools

Men know education is the key to survival and success
Males brains is below the belt not above the shoulders
Men, for their families always try to do their very best
Males are cell and grave fillers, not employment holders

Men work two jobs to support their families if need be
Males spend their money on car rims before their child
Men try to help their children earn a diploma and degree
Males think that their underwear showing is really a style

Men teach their sons to respect women and the elderly
Males on the other hand teach them to respect no one
Men take their children to the parks so they can play
Males teach their siblings that a loaded handgun is fun

Men, is what is missing in our children lives these days
Males are sending young people to graves and the pen
Men it is left up to us to show children the right ways
Males, learn the “Difference Between Males And Men”

Where Have All The Men Gone

Berdell said...

" One who does not know from whence he comes,will not know where he is going.'

Anonymous said...

This blog is the most racist thing I have ever seen. Just because he is not an angry black man and has made a success of himself without crying poor me, I am black ,he is racist and a bad representation of blacks? Stupid! paranoid crap.

Clarkylly said...

Dr. Watkins, Your comments about the new porch monkey is so ture. He will learn the Republicians will use him as another example of former Maryland Lt. Gov Michael Steele, as a chance to lure more black support. As a former resdient of Maryland that process will not work. Herman Cain can talk all he wants, but will never be or succed President Obama.

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