Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dr. Boyce Video: Why Jesse and Al Should NOT Defend Herman Cain

Why Jesse and Al Should Never Defend Herman Cain - Your Black World TV on blip.tv

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Unknown said...

I checked it out I agree 100%...as they said during the western days...Let em hang!

Anonymous said...

This whole issue concerning Herman Cain is now a no brainer, and absolutely nothing to talk about, and that's right.... Let Em Hang!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why we are hyper-ventilating about Herman Cain. He will never be the nominee. He's in the race to enhance his future speaking engagements and to sell his books. We should concentrate on what is as important as his lack of character and that is that he is totally incoherent on basic foreign policy. He is not curious enough to read about current events and has very little knowledge of domestic issues. He is totally unqualified for the presidency. If he were interviewing someone like himself for a position in his own company, he would not even consider hiring him.

Ras Makosa said...

Herman Cain has burned his bridges with the black community and he sure does not represent us with is vile inexplicable neo-conservative political naivete.

He is a tool of the right wing, placed to malign Democrats and Black America on behalf of the racists Koch brothers.

Herman is unprepared and making a fool of himself. He will and could never be president.