Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dr. Boyce: It's Time for Black Scholars to Get Off the Academic Plantation

Dr. Boyce Watkins discusses why black scholars must find a new paradigm for achievement and stop allowing their activities to be controlled by others. 

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A. Smith said...

What an excellent article and wonderful encouragement for anyone young or old, with a degree or without. I respect your hard work. Even as a (young) 57-year old black woman with no degree, laid-off after forty years of working and raising and keeping a roof over my family's head and foot in their stomach, having to use all savings including 401k and now penniless and living with family; somehow your words have given me hope to open my eyes and challenge myself to find resources to use my passion to teach african-american adult non-readers to read, to somehow help them come out of the closet, learn to read and shine... Thanks...Even though you're speaking to academia, this article is relevant to more levels than you may know!!!

Anonymous said...

As we all know, you must have the complete image to be regarded as satisfactory in this world in which we live. Do not turn this into a black-white situation. Life choices follow you throughout your life. You chose to have a child out of wed-lock which is fine but tell me how many other tenured professors at your university of choice have out-of-wed-lock children....I'll wait. When you were given your just-do to earn a PHD the world is unlocked to you. Don't cry that the glass is half full, your cup runneth over.