Monday, December 19, 2011

AG Eric Holder Describes Attacks on He and Obama: “We’re Both African American”


Your Black World reports

The New York Times has an interview out on Attorney General Eric Holder.  Holder has been the subject of numerous calls by the Right Wing for him to be impeached over a failed program to track guns being shipped to Mexico for drug violence.

Some have described Holder as a “partisan lightning rod” due to his position on illegal immigration.  Holder says that conservatives on the right are attacking he and President Obama with “gotcha games” that are typically used in Washington.

He also said that part of the reason that he is taking hits for President Obama is because they are both African American.

Of that group of critics, Mr. Holder said he believed that a few — the “more extreme segment” — were motivated by animus against Mr. Obama and that he served as a stand-in for him. “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,” he said, “both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”


Holder describes these “hyperpartisan” attacks against the Justice Department as part of the reason that Washington is experiencing so many challenges today.  You can also expect that he is going to be subject to numerous attacks for his comments.


Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Holder in saying what President Obama is afraid to say. I believe Mr. Holder would have sought criminal indictments for much of the Bush era crimes and large bank frauds if it weren't for Obama backing him down. Mr. Holder is probably at the point where he will decide not to continue on as U.S. Attorney General because Obama lacks the heart to talk openly about the huge racial divide that exist in this country and much of it is directed at him. Obama needs to step up and stop kissing ass, period.

David2001 said...

President Obama should have denounce the white teabagger movement as racist when they first reared their ugly head. Now they have credibility in mainstream politics. Holder is going to be accused of playing the race card for stating the truth by white racist who have played the entire deck on the Obama administration.

WizardG said...

Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder are working for the 1% elite! That fact should be obvious to even the part time observer.
I see that most people are, (despite all of the signs and examples), still mesmerized and psychologically conditioned by the overall lies of our sociopolitical Anglo-elite-dominant society, which say's that all things are as they should be and nothing is corrupt or at all questionable about the actual "powers" which run this country!
Once people phase out of their fantasies and face the reality that we are enticed, tricked, and manipulated by a totally psycho-sociopolitical scam, and that nothing the so-called leaders of government say is true, then they can see that the lies are meant to misdirect our beliefs and the secrets are meant to keep us misguided and misinformed as to who and what kind of people hold our fate in their very hands! The fact that racist haters attack Mr. Obama and Holder has nothing to do with the powerful Anglo-elite who actually control these men and virtually every other form and level of government! Obviously the vile white-supremacist history/present nature of this country dictates that any and all black people are targeted by white racists, but at the same time those in power have always used "blacks" to do their bidding and have always found willing 'self-serving' black people who see dollar signs and better treatment for helping the Anglo "white-power" superstructure!

WizardG said...

The justice department has the power to retaliate against those who attack its leader. The justice department has historically done many terrible things against and to "black" people, but today's so-called leader of the "justice department" is seemingly crying racism and running and cowering in the corner of 'public-consciousness' for outrage against the "right-wing" haters. What's that all about? Surely the "black" men (supposedly) holding the power of government today are only straw-dogs, or puppets for a more powerful (White/Jewish)group. They are weak and useless and must answer to their "Masters"! I still see this as a way to affect the voting of African-Americans by playing on our emotional "heartstrings" regarding racism and discrimination, when it's all a longstanding sordid game played on the populace! Obviously, no matter who is in the office of the "President" the control will remain in the hands of the 'Elite' 1 percent. So the masses here and around the world will continue to get royally screwed, pillaged and murdered! Apparently the elite are all to big to fail and too big to go to jail! They pay themselves with our money and spread it around to their friends, they don't even have to use their own money to abuse the world anymore. They are just using the people's monies to attack and pillage the people!

Anonymous said...

WizardG, having read the article and other comments, I am curious to know what it is that you, personally, are doing and what you suggest others do in this situation? I agree that Obama should have known he would be powerless in his position as president; the same people that are there to protect your life, are the same people that will take your life. I'm sure the first security briefing that Obama had after winning the election was a real eye-opener for him.

I would suggest to anyone that wants to get a good understanding of how the republicans think to get AND read 'Write It When I'm Gone," a book about Gerald Ford written by Thomas M. DeFrank. Obviously, Obama has not read the book or he would be puzzled about what is happening.

Obama has a beautiful wife and two bright and beautiful daughters. He will be the biggest money-making president in the history of this country. Although there are those who will tell you to forgo the money, however, they are not being honest. Mr. Obama should take his rightful place in history and enjoy his life!

Samdromeda said...

Oblivion is rather self serving and destructive and paranoid. Will the Hague prosecute participants in the raid WACO Texas? Will the participants in the bombing of a black neighborhood in Philladelphia be prosecutred for crimes against humanity? Power givess license to abuse for the "greater good." Is democracy really safe for the world? As for our government, a house divided cannot stand. When the muisic is over turn out the lights. The great melting pot has become a molten mass of useless metal. Don't tuch it or you will get burned.It must be re-smelted for a greater purpose by God.

Anonymous said...

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No Name N. said...

The only thing I can say, concerning all the comments I've read so far, is: "Well Said"

God will continue to bless those who speak the truth..."stay black"

No Name N.-7

Check me out on ""

Harold I. said...

We as Black people need to realize that their are Whites in this country that follow the teachings of Eugenics, Social Darwinism, and White Supremecy. Nothing has changed that much in my 66 years on earth and living in the US.The election of Pres. Obama resulted in the world knowing just how much hate for all people of color exists strongly inthe US. We as Black people must first remember that it was God not any man that has and continues to help us. We must stand and support competent Black leaders; and remember that "A house divided against itself, cannot stand".

goodgiant said...

Harold-- I feel exactly where you're coming from. Though you're a decade ahead of me, I bear witness to the same madness, confusion, hate & total "ugliness!" Not much has changed, in fact since Obama has been in the white house, pursuant to my ruff estimate, I believe more of our people have died from cop gun fire during his 3 years than Bush's first 3 years. The further "ugly" truth is the 1st (so-called) Black prez has proven himself to be the "gayest" loving prez of all time!! I'm appalled that many of us have been conditioned & indoctrinated to the degree of accepting such an illness as if it's normal. While our children still don't have decent schools & in some cases don't have books! Having said that, overall WE are victimized, in a serious way in this part of the globe & I say that because it's perfectly clear to me now that the system's agenda, is genocide (particularly in this part of the globe). In my view, all of the signs point in that direction. Just as you stressed, "A house divided cannot stand," & it's very unfortunate, but they've been successful at keeping us "culturally divided." In fact, in my opine, they've kept us so "dumbed down" the vast majority of us don't know what culture means.

(Only if Marcus Garvey's vision crystallized into reality....)

Together WE stand, divided WE fall & by God's loving grace we're still here. As quiet as kept, through God's grace the world is still here. Thankfully God despises "ugliness!!!" All Praises be to God, Ra the Creator!!!

Michae;l said...

I have read all the quotes on this page and I must say we a have a great deal of critical thinkers.But what always baffles me is that we all know the deal.You can't keep walkng into a yard with a vicious dog,keep getting bit and yet keep returning to the yard!The majority of this group that we engage with on a daily basis are racist,historcally ignorant or loves the status that they enjoy.What we need to do is to create infrastructure,jobs and educate each other.Get rid of the Niggers and the sell outs and take care of ourselves!Other people look at us and think,how come they can't get it together.We have the money and the Information!We don't need anyone but ourselves!

Anonymous said...

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