Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Holy War Brewing in Nigeria: Islamic School Attacked by Terrorists

Your Black World reports

Homemade explosives were tossed inside an Islamic school in Nigeria this week, the latest in a string of attacks that are related to religious belief.   This attack was in the Nigeria Southern Delta region, a predominantly Christian community.  In the attack, 50 children had gathered for a class, and six children were injured.

These attacks are just a few days after Islamic militants bombed several churches across the country.  The attacks were on Christmas day and 39 people died this week alone.

Experts aren’t yet saying that the most recent attacks represent retaliation.  But many are increasingly concerned. 

“Sapele just seems like the most unlikely place for a retaliatory attack to take place,” criminologist Innocent Chukwuma said. “But if it is, this would play right into Boko Haram, which has been looking to escalate the conflict to make the country ungovernable.”

Nigeria is divided into the mostly Muslim northern region and the mostly Christian south.  But the divides continue, as 800 people have been killed in the north in recent post-election violence after a Christian was elected president.

In the “middle belt,” where both sides come together, police say that a Christian couple and their one-year old child were killed on Tuesday. 

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