Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Speaks on “Withdrawal” – I guess he knows something about that

Don't say it: Conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has issued a unique challenge to cable network MSNBC. On his radio show Tuesday, the ever-modest Limbaugh said that the cable network is trying to "build its ratings on my back." From his website:

"I challenge you, MSNBC! Thirty days without anything mentioning me. No video of me, no guests commenting on me. See if you can do it ... Let's see if you can do Rush withdrawal. Let's see if you can run your little TV network for 30 days without doing a single story on me, and then let's take a look at your ratings during those 30 days and see what happens.

Since the election, Limbaugh has emerged as the defacto "voice" of the GOP — or at least, the loudest one. In January, Limbaugh made his infamous "I hope Obama fails" comment, and was featured in aVanity Fair article titled "The Man Who Ate the GOP." Earlier this month, Limbaugh took aim at former Secretary of State Colin Powell, telling him to "become a Democrat, instead of claiming to be a Republican." Cheney joined the fray, remarking (on Limbaugh's radio show, of all places):


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