Friday, April 22, 2011

Left Wing Hecklers Sing to President Obama

Your Black World Reports

During a campaign speech in San Francisco, a group of left-wing hecklers interrupted President Obama with a speech.  The group actually sang a song to the president in protest of the detainment of Pvt. Bradley Manning, who is being held because of his role in the Wikileaks scandal.  Here are the words to the song they sang to the president.


Each of us brought you $5,000
It takes a lot of Benjamins to run a campaign
I paid my dues, where’s our change?
We’ll vote for you in 2012, yes that’s true
Look at the Republicans – what else can we do
Even though we don’t know if we’ll retain our liberties
In what you seem content to call a free society
Yes it’s true that Terry Jones is legally free
To burn a people’s holy book in shameful effigy
But at another location in this country
Alone in a 6×12 cell sits Bradley
23 hours a day is night
The 5th and 8th Amendments say this kind of thing ain’t right
We paid our dues, where’s our change?

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