Monday, August 8, 2011

Youth Mobs in Milwaukee Lead to Action from the Governor

youth mobs, milwaukee, black youth, black teenagers


Well, the show must go on. Subsequently, several local and state law enforcement agencies are beefing up their security measures at public functions to ensure the safety of patrons and visitors attending annual summer events in the City of Festivals. These additional efforts are being implemented in response to a series of incidents involving ‘mobs’ of young African Americans joining together in unruly and unlawful behavior. Reported crimes include physical assaults on fellow youth and innocent bystanders, damage to private homes and businesses, looting and allegations of potentially racially motivated attacks against white citizens. The most recent event occurred Thursday night at the Wisconsin State Fair Park, causing many   officials to say enough is enough. On Friday, Gov. Scott Walker dispatched State Patrol officers to assist with maintaining safety at the Fair.


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