Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Does President Obama Address Hispanic and Black Audiences Differently? Let’s Take a Look at the Transcripts

president obama's speech with the cbc
by Dr. Boyce Watkins – Scholarship in Action

This week, there was controversy about President Obama’s speech at the Congressional Black Caucus Convention.  Some have accused the president of being condescending and paternalistic.   The White House has said, however, that the speech was simply a call to arms, and nothing else.  Rep. Maxine Waters claims that President Obama speaks to black audiences differently from other groups, typically in a manner that even chastises the audience for “complaining” about the highest unemployment rate that any group of American citizens has experienced in the last 30 years.

I can’t say for sure if this was President Obama’s intention, but I did notice that there was very little discussion of policy (other than the American Jobs Act) in the CBC speech, but quite a bit of language that referenced 200 year-old lines about being patient, marching on in spite of hard times, and leaning on your bible to give you faith in things not yet seen (Translation:  “I haven’t done much yet, but just hold on….I'll get to you eventually").   Not only is the “please be patient” line given regularly by politicians who use delay as a way to evade responsibility, but it is what black people have been hearing since we landed on this continent.  You can read the transcript of President Obama’s CBC speech by clicking at this link.

When I read the president’s speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus just two weeks ago (which you can find here), I noticed some similarities, as well as glaring differences.  Of course the president promoted the American Jobs Act, as any president would.  But rather than droning on and on about not giving up on him, continuing to march even when times are tough, etc, there was a broader discussion of DIRECT, TARGETED, POLICY that affects the Hispanic community. 

For the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the president spoke at length about Immigration Reform (“We need an immigration policy that works, one that meets the needs of our families and our businesses while honoring our tradition as a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws.”).  He also spoke about the DREAM Act, which is very important to the Latino community. 

In comparison, at the point in the Hispanic Caucus speech where the president discusses relevant policy, he spends this period of time telling the Congressional Black Caucus audience that they should remain patient, have faith and continue to march (“Even when folks are hitting you over the head, you can't stop marching. Even when they're turning the hoses on you, you can't stop”).  This part of the CBC speech is the president’s way of saying that those who give up on him are weak in faith…he is able to appeal to those who see his presidency as a fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream, when the reality is that Dr. King’s dream is one built on having the courage necessary to directly confront racial inequality, to promote world peace and to advocate for poor Americans.  Unfortunately, the Obama Administration cannot claim to have done any of these things, for the President of the United States is, in some ways, the most powerful slave on the planet.  Those fulfilling Dr. King’s dream are forced to do so on the outside of the White House fence.

What the president’s speech writers have (accurately) determined is that the black community is an audience that tends to rely much more on faith and emotion than logic when it comes to evaluating our political leaders (especially the Obamas – President Obama mentioned Michelle in the CBC speech and her background growing up on the South Side of Chicago, likely leaning on her popularity in the black community).  Rather than objectively ascertaining the leader’s ability to support agenda items that are relevant to our community, we allow others to manipulate us emotionally with words that are heavy with style, but light on substance.

I am not here to say that the president doesn’t know what he’s doing – most politicians would likely try to do the same thing.   I can say, however, that Obama’s speech writers need to do a bit more research and realize that Africans are not as simple and unsophisticated as they might think.  President Obama is not a Baptist Minister and he’s not a Civil Rights leader.  He is President of the United States and a president should give speeches that deliver policy.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 


Anonymous said...

thank you,he is working for the superrich white, he has no power.I dont understand why he is in this position in the first place. This is a white country.Why do they have this black man in office.Maybe because of the middle east? something is not right.

Anonymous said...

This president's attitude and treatment of the African American community is highly offensive. We would not quietly sit by and accept this treatment from a white president. He has USED the black community across the board, starting with the African American community in Chicago. He has told us, through his actions, again and again how he feels about us and what he intends to do for us. We all watched him push Reverend Wright under the bus. He then went on to chastise the African American community in front of the whole nation, echoing the stereotypes that whites love to lob at us--raise your kids, get off the couch, be a dad. And that was BEFORE he was elected. We voted for him anyway. As soon as he got in there he quickly distanced himself from anything black. His first day in office he made a point to call himself a "mutt," playing up his "bi-racial" heritage. He then went on to QUICKLY and unjustly fire Van Jones, Desiree Rogers, and Shirley Sherrod. I voted for this man. My gut told me to vote for Hilary Clinton. You fooled me once, Mr. President. You will NOT fool me twice. I will not be voting for Obama in 2012 or donating one cent to him. I hope other black people stop trying to ignore what is clear for all to see and wake up. This man could not care less for the black community and seems barely able to veil his obvious contempt for us. Others have been saying this for a long time and have been persecuted for it. I finally opened my eyes and admitted the truth about our first "black" president. I hope others will as well. The truth will set us free.

msladydeborah said...

A whole lot of time has been spent on the subject of how Obama addresses Black America versus other groups of Americans.

Maybe we need to flip the script and determine if we need to start talking differently to all the politicians of this nation.

Of course, this would require a show of true political maturity. That means, just because he is the first Black president, does not give him a pass on true criticism of his policies or lack of policies.

Every POTUS is charged with the interest of capitalism and the making of money. This is how it has been rolling since day one of the republic. Let's be real, there are Black folks who thought that whenever--if ever a Black president was elected, that individual would lead the charge in correcting the ills that we experience. It hasn't happened and from my perspective, we have yet to put ourselves in the political position to make it happen either.

Politicians and other public speakers all operate off the model for delivering a good speech. They speak to their audiences in the manner that the audience accepts. Nobody turned out when the remarks were made. It's always reaction to the actions. This is not the way I think that we should be handling our political muscle or well-being.

So, maybe we need to serious examine what we need to say to Obama, the DEMS, the GOP, The Tea Party and every other political group that thinks we are just sheepole. That really might change the tenor and the attitude of their responses to us.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson always said that Obama talks down to black folks, while candidate and prez. Look like Jesse was correct.

Anonymous said...

Well said MsLadyDeborah....well said. Our entire community uses a tone of emotion, struggle, hardship, when voicing issues & struggles (Jesse, Rev Al have all done it...pot calling the kettle...). When we start addressing and questioning specific policy and solutions directly, this may change the tone of POTUS and other politicians responses to our community. Everyone needs to stop getting emotional and "spiritual" and get down to the BUSINESS of politics and address specific policy needs for our community. Black Constituents & politicos alike need to leave the motivational "negro spiritual" rhetoric for Sunday church services, and start addressing the policy needs of our community like serious business people....

Anonymous said...

I want so badly to support President Obama.

With regards to the speech, I, too, felt like he was trying to sound like a black southern preacher from the Civil rights era. And, him slapping the podium as wrapped up his speech seemed so scripted and insincere.

I would have been more supportive had the president just spoke from his heart and NOT listened to his speechwriters' advice.

I am sick and tired of "them" lumping us all in the same bag!

Anonymous said...


Politics is a dance, and you dance with the one(s) who grooves to the beats you like and can keep up with you on the dance floor...

If you dance with a would-be partner who is doing the jitter bug while you're doing the hustle (insert relevant soulful dances that apply) then you'll be constantly disappointed...

And some point you'll have to get off the floor and find another partner...

It's that simple

Anonymous said...

"I can say, however, that Obama’s speech writers need to do a bit more research and realize that Africans are not as simple and unsophisticated as they might think."

I would guess at this time he probably doesn't have any black speech writers.

Anonymous said...

"I can say, however, that Obama’s speech writers need to do a bit more research and realize that Africans are not as simple and unsophisticated as they might think."

I would guess at this time he probably doesn't have any black speech writers.

Warren G said...

Until we understand that it is about the accumulation and leverage of true political and economic power, we will always be used and abused by any president of any color or creed period. We have entirely too many sell-outs as leaders and preachers, no real vision or unity, no political power or organization (millions of blacks are not registered to vote or vote at all), one million black men and boys imprisoned another 4 million connected to the criminal injustice system, 46% black male graduation rate nationwide, etc. etc. etc. To me, this is the worst time for blacks in America since slavery. Why? Because we have more education, resources, positions, churches, economics than at any time but are in a worst social position than the 50’s and 60’s. This is 21st century Jim Crow.

Joab said...

Obama talks differently to us because he is ONE OF US; too many Blacks have been complaining and bringing him down. If you dont support him dont complain when the racist tea party gets in power.

Faith Cole said...

OF COURSE he spoke differently to different audiences. A good public speaker ALWAYS injects issues that allow their audience to relate. This helps the audience to understand the thesis of the speech in PRACTICAL terms. SO, all of a sudden we can't relate to Civil Rights struggles? As for "speaking down" to Black folk? We have millionaire rappers calling our women bitches and hoes and referring to themselves and others as niggers and PUTTING IT TO MUSIC! Like a rallying cry. And y'all are outraged because the president said "take of your bedroom slippers"? Really? Maybe some Black folk would be happier with a President Perry. I'm sure HE'LL speak to us with the utmost respect...

Renee said...

Dr. Wakins, I have always been a fan of your blog. However, I must disagree with you on this one. While I do not agree with the 1 comment President Obama made at the end of his speech to the CBC, people have neglect to listen to his entire speech in full. The President did address policies and social issues within his speech. He only mentioned stuff in reference to faith sporadically throughout his speech and near the end. He mentioned Michelle and his background for a quick minute just to emphasize the point of America being the land of opportunity. As for the way he speaks to audiences, this is nothing new. It's basically public speaking and you and I both know a good public speaker must adjust their message to different audiences. I agree that the President has never told a professional group of white, hispanic, or asian audience to stop complaining and grumbling. I felt he shouldn't have said it to the CBC because it came off slightly insensitive when the CBC and other black political figures have not been complaining for the past 3 years compare to white politicans. However, his entire speech to the CBC was great. I come to your blog for an objective perspective, but I am starting to get the sense that you are not really looking at the entire situation fairly. I have my criticisms of the President just like anyone else. But please don't post information that isn't 100% accurate.

Max said...

Why do we always have to wait to hear someone tell us what do do. We are taught to wait in JESUS , he will save us , so we wait and nothing has changed. We are taught better days are coming as we watch things get worse but we still wait LOL. The slaves were told your paradise is in heaven and not earth so we look to heaven and the Spanish dude HESUS to deliver us while we get beaten like Rodney King, incarcerated like cows to a slaughter house. We don't read our history books to know who we are instead we read the BYBLE the slave masters use to mentally control us. No when we look in the mirror and see a black person in it all we want to do its show hate, anger and hostility towards whats we see. We have forgotten the one basic thing to survive and become successful and that it TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER FINANCIALLY, SOCIALLY and EMOTIONALLY. Stop buying the Chinese food, stop buying the beauty products from the Asian, Indian & Arab stores and BUY ONLY FROM OUR OWN. That money we spend with each and every black business will become the same FINANCIAL LIFELINE THAT WILL PROVIDE THE EMPLOYMENT ALL THOSE ASIAN, ARAB, CHINES STORE OWNERS WONT GIVE TO US BUT ONLY TO THEIR OWN. OBAMA CANT SAY THAT EVEN THOUGH HE MAY WANT TO BUT THAT'S ALL WE NEED TO DO . THEN WE WONT END UP BEING THE FIRST TO GET FIRED AND THE LAST TO GET HIRED BECAUSE WE CAN HIRE OUR OWN. BEING DARK SKINNED OR PAPER-BAG BROWN DOESN'T MAKE US OR YOU MENTALLY STUPID. WE ARE THE SMARTEST PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET WE ARE JUST EMOTIONALLY ABUSED AND SOCIALLY MISGUIDED BECAUSE OF THE POWER WE HAVE AND THE ENSLAVED INSTITUTION WE HAVE BEEN PLACED IN. STOP WAITING ON OTHERS TO SAVE US OR TELL US THEY ARE GOING TO SAVE YOU BECAUSE IT WONT HAPPEN UNTIL YOU SAVE YOURSELVES. NOBODY ROOTS FOR THE GIRL WHO FALLS IN THE MOVIE WHO DOESN'T GET UP BUT ENDS UP GETTING KILLED BY THE SERIAL KILLER. NO ! SHE GETS BLAMED FOR BEING STUPID FOR LETTING IT HAPPEN TO HER BY NOT GETTING UP. EVERY BODY ROOTS FOR THE FIGHTER OR THE GIRL THAT GETS UP , FIGHTS BACK AND KILLS THE ABUSER OR STALKER. SO BLACK PEOPLE STOP WAITING OR YOU WILL CONTINUE BEING THAT SLAUGHTER GIRL IN THE HORROR MOVIE THAT KEPT CRYING, WAITING FOR HELP AND GOT SLAUGHTERED WHILE DOING JUST THAT BEING WEAK AND VULNERABLE.

Max said...

THE ISSUE WITH BLACK PEOPLE IS, WE HATE WHO WE ARE [Africans] AND LOVE WHO WE CANT BE [Europeans/Asians] thats why we shun Africa.
"Destruction of Black Civilization 4500 B.C to 2000 A.D." by Chancellor Williams
"Open Veins of Latin America:Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent"by Eduardo Galeano
The Isis Papers by Frances Welsing
YURUGU by Marimba Ani
VIDEO'S 2 Watch
When Moors Rule Europe DVD

Nette said...

Now is the time to act. We are not people who just watch things happening. We make things happen. (Applause.) We’re Americans. We are tougher than the hand that we’ve been dealt. We’re bigger than the politics we’ve been putting up with. We’re patriots and pioneers and innovators and entrepreneurs. Through individual effort, but also through a commitment to one another, we have built an economy that is the engine and the envy of the world. We’re not going to stop now. The time for hand-wringing is over. The time for moping around -- we’ve got to kick off our bedroom slippers and put on our marching shoes. We’ve got to get to work. (Applause.)

This speech was at a rally in Raleigh, NC on Sept 14 in front of a majority white audience.

Don't believe me? Go to, find the video and go to 23:00.

Simply because Waters has never heard President Obama say "take off your slippers" to white, hispanic, and jewish audiences doesn't mean that he hasn't said it. He has been traveling through the country since he presented his jobs bill and have been giving on fire speeches ever since.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time stop the pettiness and childish bickering over how the PBO talked to who, what, when and where. It is a complete waste of time.

Waters and the CBC need to "pull off their bedroom slippers", "stop complaining" and start promoting the American Jobs Act to their district. The same jobs bill that they spent nearly all summer "complaining" that the President hasn't produced. The same jobs bill that they all have endorsed.

CBC, you are wasting precious time.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Boyce

Congratulations you are doing a great of working with those in Congress, the Republicans to help them further Unemployment which is now at 50% in some states and lower the standard of living in the community.

Not one thing in this article is beneficial to the Black Community.

Issues, Issues, Issues, Issues

Killing Social Security, Killing Medicare, Killing Medicaid, Making Significant Cuts in the Poorest Neighborhoods so much so that in NJ the Courts Overrulled Gov. Christy, Changing the Voting Laws, every single day something happens in Congress to further hurt the Black Community

And this is how you spend your time on absolutely nothing to assist the Community With the Issue that is currently Affecting their Families.

Getting educated on the issues is not easy, Chatting is.
Is it asking too much for you and your team to specifically address the Issues facing the Black Community, the laws being changed as we speak by the Republicans in Congress that taking JOBS, Pensions, Cuts In Wages, Lay Offs, Killing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, these significant issues facing the community to assist them with making Great Voting Decisions vs. your constant Bashing of the President?

If you have no plans to contribute and be a positive influence and provide sincere help, your opinion of the President vs. the Issues and who’s pushing those adverse issues is of no use to the very audience with you are trying to connect.

Stop Standing on the Sidelines, the future of Black America is decided at the Balot Box based on the issues and on who in congress is changing or proposing to change various Laws that will adversley Black Families, especially the children.

It seems this team does not understand that Bashing the President will not make one positive change to help the community, but will certainly be used as it is to “DISTRACT” Black America from those who are greatly harming Black Families

Anonymous said...

Thank you Faith Cole and Renee! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who heard and read the entire speech. If the last three sentences of his speech are defined as "talking down" then one can reasonably argue that in the words and phrases prior to that President Obama talked down to himself. It was an excellent speech, an inspiring speech, and a speech that succinctly addressed those aspects of the Obama presidency that have positively addressed the issues that affect black people disproportionately.

Anonymous said...

It is also condescending and paternalistic for radiovangelist "Reverand Al" to presume that he can tell us when've not been insulted or not been talked down to. No electorate has been more protective of, more supportive of, and more patient with Barack Obama than the Black polity. His words and his tone were indefensively insulting and offensive. It's that simple! President Obama ought to take ownership of his words and stop hiding behind a hustling preacher and his blindly-loyal on-air followers to silence both valid and sound voices of critique of his policies or lack thereof.

Sylvia Burley said...

I totally agree with your premise in this article. It is bad enough to be taken for granted by white politicians, we certainly don't need to feel that from our own. I believe that although Obama has good intentions, they have not been realized, and although this is not totally his fault, maybe he needed more experience to learn to navigate the landmine that is Washington. I wrote an article that said Obama needs to go big or go home. Hopefully it's not too late for his Presidency to recover. Read my article here:


Although I worked hard in support of Obama's first campaign, along with a number of other people, including many African Americans, I have long criticized Obama for his failure to discuss policy when he comes to speak to African Americans. His CBC speech only surprised me because he was so blantant with his disrepect this time. In the past, he at least applied a little finesse. Maybe he will get it now, but frankly I don't care anymore. Every since he tried to walk away from the health care bill and left the public option on the cutting block, I have been silently praying for him to do the right thing. Then passing the Bush tax cuts, and giving bank bail-outs, while cutting much needed services for the millions who are poor due to this economy. Recent Pell Grant cuts for low-income American students (a disproportinate number of whom are Black), while extending the Dream Bill which creates a pathway to college and citizenship for illegal aliens. Not to mention high levels of Black unemployment, and lack of targeted policies to address this group, while posting comprehensive policy plans and staff for the Latino, Asian, and gay communities on his White House website. There are no plans for African Americans posted. Also, although our community has the highest unemployment, he travels to Pennsylvania to talk to working class Whites about his new job bill and delivers $43 million dollars to that region. Incredible. Then combine the massive mess that he is making out of the educational system, which also disproportionately impacts our children, eradicating hard-earned bargaining rights of American workers, along with most safety-net legislation for Americans, then pointing his finger at the Republicans (who are an even worse alternative). I think that we need to stop second-guessing the man and take him at his words and actions. He continually talks down to Black folk even when addressing the most successful and educated among us. I am tired of the pull yourself up by your boot straps and dead-beat dad speech, given that the number of single-parent White households has increased significantly and is now trailing behind Blacks. I think this is a message for the nation, not just Black folks, if he insists on giving it. I frankly, do not think it is his place to do so. If Obana has issues with his dad, he should pay for therapy and stop projecting. Finally, I remember when Obama first came on the scene, he made a point to distance himself from African Americans by making the statement that he comes from a White mother and an African father, therefore, he does not suffer from the same ethos as Black Americans. Perhaps there is something within that. I don't know. What I do know is that he is not a stupid guy. The Black minister cadence was insulting. He is the president, and if I remember, not the Black president, so what is all that about? I believe Obama's CBC speech was intentional, just like the earlier ones, in that it sent a message to the Whites that Obama is constantly reaching out to, but who will never vote for him in this election -- the Independents and working-class white men and women, who constantly acuse Black folks of complaining, when we raise issues of injustice and lack of fairness. It lets them know that he is with them. It was a coded shot right over the barrell.

Anonymous said...

The speech writers for the president know exactly what to write for him, he uses the style of the black preacher, all show and no substance.Entertainment and not education, If Obama's skin was as dark as Herman Cain he would have never been elected, this is why he is so protected by the black elite. Wake up Afrikan people he is only a pawn for wall street but ignores "Washington Street in the hood. Tavis Smiley, Cornell West,and Maxine Waters are right, the president is afraid of the dark and the "darkies"'

Anonymous said...

It's so unfortunate that this Black Bloggers is a breading ground for Republicans Pretending to Be Black all for the purpose of turning Black America on each other, which Black History is filled with this approach.

When such tactic are being promoted by the community's own, it's a very very sad day.

While Your Black Bloggers Completely Ignores the suffering in the Black Community, by refusing to address the Issues that so many Black are suffering and struggling and attempt to change the Conversation to their opinion of the President while the Republicans continue their HAVOC on the Black Community inparticular and other communities in general it's a very very sad day.

Being an educator many of us really thought as we did in 2008 Dr. Boyce would be a force for good and address the Issues because that's what matters providing education to the community to assist with making Great Decisions at the Ballot Box

Yet While the Black Community SUffers and Republicans continue to Change Laws in COngress that will Kill off many Black Families as it is doing currently, someone of this stature, Dr. Boyce who could be a Major Positive force in the community has chosen to ignore Suffering Blacks and traded any Positive Help for Chatting and the Children of the community many only get School Lunch and Republicans are cutting that too.

This is alarming and shameful, the community's unemployment rate is as high as 50% in many cities, yet this Blog is SILENT, Voting Right are being taken away as this Blog is being writte, yet SILENCE

Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security have been put on th Chopping Blocks by Republicans and will no longer exist, Black Americans along with everyone else in this country will get a VOUCHER for Medicare and you will have to pay THOUSANDS OUT OF POCKET,

SOcial Security per the Republicans is a PONZI SCHEME and UnCONSTITUTIONAL there, will be abolished......................

Dr. Boyce the issues and bills in congress being passed have nothing to do with JOBS< JOBS< JOBS that were promised by the Republicans in 2010 they have passed bills on Abortions, Gay Laws, Killing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Killing the EPA, Killing the FDA, Taking away Voting Laws, Abolishing the VOTING LAWs for which many Black died for, Cutting Poor Schools Budgets to the Bone, Killing PEll Grants which many in the community Children's depend on

So will you be a force to help the Black Community or continue to stand on the Sidelines and Chat about GOSSIP?

We challenge this BLOG to make a difference in the life of just one African American Just One!

Anonymous said...

Everybody in here makes great points. Hey, I wish I could call up the president privately and give him my critiques, but I can't.

Yes, there are bigger issues and if the president had come to my local church and spoke with a "Black preacher's cadence," as he did before the CBC, I wouldn't have been too bothered. But since he spoke from a national stage, yes, I did not care for his speech, as if this is the only way Black folks can understand.

Yes, it's easy to call this whole thing a divide and conquer tactic, but if Maxine Waters did not call him out who else would? For months our president has sat silently about the plight of our communities.

I am not suggesting that we abandon him and lose all empathy for his challeges. But he needs to be reminded that "just like voted him in, we can vote him out if he does not deliver ( or, act concerned for us).

I like the fact that he is trying to be a president for the people, however, our community is hurting the most and deserves the same attention that he gives rural whites, Hispanics and gays.

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is so not the thing we should be focusing on! We let ourselves get distracted by this type of article? WHO CARES about the transcripts? Stop buying into this "Obama hates his own black people" propaganda and question the sources of these articles and suggestions. They want us to hate him, they want us to not vote for him or not vote at all! It's an attack on us that is working because they know how we like to sell each other out! What have YOU done for the black community?

Anonymous said...

Deeply bothered over all the bashing of our first Black president. If not President Obama, then who can do better for the advancement of the issues affecting all people but Black people in particular here in the good, ole U.S.A?

Elliemae said...

Of course he speaks to black folks differently. On some level he thinks he's talking to "family." He wants to establish a connection. He doesn't know how hypercritical we can be of our own. And of course his (and our) enemies love it when we attack him mercilessly. Get over it!

Anonymous said...

Why are we so focused on what the President said at the CBC? We need to stay focused on how we can ensure that the Republicans don't take over the Presidency.

tfrie33 said...

so many of you morons believe that because he is balck, he is just a president for blacks, he is a president for all. i am tired of blacks putting him down. no man or woman or person, other than God can fix what it took 8 years to break. if you havent seen any change, than you are blind. change takes time, he didn't create this situation and he is working hard to fix it, but with all of the haters, naysaers, racists, ignorant and those in denial coming against him, it is difficult. what he is asking, is for patience and faith in the lord, because he knows that the lord is who he has to lean on, when all of the previously mentioned are against him. God is greater than all of you and President Obama will prevail via the lord; none of you humans. God is greater than us all and we should all wake up and stop looking at our personal agendas and see where we have been and where we are and who the creator of all this destruction and negativity is(bushes). take responsibility for our own lives and trust in the lord. the devil is a LIE and all of you blacks who keep thinking a black man should be a president for just blacks, should be ashamed of yourselves, because you should stop talking against him because you are black(maxine) and the others.

Anonymous said...

I agree with alot of the comments but, I believe that Elliemae and the Anonymous-(OMG- who cares...)hit home
for me. What if this is a code/strategy!... Dr. West and Mr. Smiley seemed to be against President Obama. But are they really????....
Dr. King and Mr. Malcolm X were both forces in Equality,Justice and Empowerment of a Hurting People" (Mainly Blacks), but, they had different approaches/strategy in acquiring the same common goals.(disagreeable/agreeable) To the Beautiful People: BE ENCOURAGED; IT'S TIME TO UNITE,("United we STAND,divided WE FALL')BIBLICALLY speaking (paraphrase: A House divided against itself cannot stand.) We should work together against all the 'suppressing the vote' legislations. (state by state and so forth..) God Bless you. Pray for the President.

alicia banks said...

hobama is a rude elitist racist fool

time to silence him in 2012

vgentry said...

Ok, I just read President Obama speech to the CBC, and first I think it was taken out of context. He spoke like anyone who speak to a africian-american audience. If he had of spoke to us like we were a all white audience, we would have complained about that. Give the man a break! We wanted a black president, we got him and we are still not satisfied. The whites don't like him because he is smart and trying to clean up the mess they made, we are disenchanted with him because we feel he is not doing enough for us or doing it quick enough. It is a wonder he just dosn't throw up his hand at the whole thing. He not going to be able to please any of us I guess.

In his speech he spoke about everything from health insurance, the economy, education and unemployment and job creation. I think he did a pretty good job of trying to accommodate. It seem as though the CBC enjoyed his speech as well from the many applauses and laugher. said...

Sounds to me like he is trying to pimp us good black folk. I voted for him last time; not so this time. His CBC speech sealed it for me...

Anonymous said...

i think he needs to he his..ardent supporters....being a seemingly intelligent person....i think he will!

Renelda Moorehead said...

I read all the comments, and had many facial expressions and utterances. Obama is not going to change. What you see is what you got. And,as I see it, the Repubs have no one to beat his rhetoric &
delivery. But anybody could surface
He did. Being who THEY'VE MADE HIM, obama is hubristic. It was hubris that allowed hin to accept The NobelPeace Prize. It was equally hubristic for Obama to compare himself to Rev.Dr. King.
Eventually he will leave office.

John said...

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Anonymous said...

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