Monday, October 3, 2011

Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Defrauding Senior Citizens?



Your Black World Reports:

ATLANTA --- Rev. Al Sharpton might want to take a break from his MSNBC show, PoliticsNation, and check on his National Action Network headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Over 700 senior citizens were given documents to fill out with personal information in exchange for the promise of $500 checks from the American Opportunities Stimulus Program in the form of a Visa debit card.

There’s only one problem: The forms are fraudulent, and sensitive information such as “name, address, birth date and social security numbers,” was all compromised, according to 11 Alive News in Atlanta. Vanessa Emerson and her son, Brandon Emerson, set up shop in front of NAN’s HQ, passing out the forms, exclaiming, “I'm going to show ya'll, I got my money."  

Fulton County officials warned that it could be a case of identity theft and hundreds of seniors have appeared at NAN’s doorstep seeking clarification on who exactly stole their information. Since officials sounded the alarm on the scheme, Brandon Emerson has returned the forms to the participants. That doesn’t stop the fear and worry that the seniors are feeling though:

"I am scared and I'm going to the bank now and put a fraudulent lock on my account," senior Bobbie Early told 11 Alive News on Friday.

Vanessa Emerson is captured on fulton County government video wearing a NAN shirt and showing a U.S. Treasury check to validate her claims.

NAN Regional Director, Tyleis Speight, says that NAN had nothing to do with the forms, and told 11 Alive that the organization was just as victimized as the seniors:  

"National Action Network has been frauded as well," Speight said.

Emerson said that she was not aware that the forms were fake, but that she and her son were leaving town and would comment more upon their return.

Atlanta police---and NAN---are still trying to figure out who exactly is behind the scheme.

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