Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is the Occupy Wall Street Movement as Racist as the Tea Party? Marc Lamont Hill and Bill O’Reilly Fight It Out

In this video, Prof. Marc Lamont Hill jousts with Bill O’Reilly, who seems determined to argue that the Occupy Wall Street Movement is just as racist as the Tea Party.  It seems that some folks will go to any length to protect the rich.

Check it out.



99% said...

as one of the first to coin the "we are 99%" term, i can let everyone know this movement is a global movement that is set to expose the inherent racism and sexism that is the core of general human rights abuse across the world. the "99%" refers the entire globe and definetly not just U.S. citizens. Anyone remotley educated knows all our problems as a global society fall into euro-centric structures refusing to accept the natural rights of indegenous peoples especially including those of African descent. Even further scientific facts prove we are all of African Descent in the long run meaning when Africa is eventually free, When all oppressed lands are free All of us will be free. The problems start at the core. Tea Partiers think 1776 was a great year but as an informed person I know 1776 was a HORRIBLE year for the majority of the globe. The constitution is inately failed because the entire finacial instisution that supported the U.S government was based off of stealing from other lands that already belonged to many peoples. Now that Alter-globalization has set in , corporations cant go marching into wherever they please without it being noticed. This means the entire economic structure needs to be redesigned from the ground up cause you simply cant jack property from other people cause general consensus says you cant write any human off as being less than a human meaning theres no more widley accepted excuses which would allow general pillaging.

ReneldaMoorehead said...

To argue with the likes of BillO'Reilly is to waste your energy. The Tea Party is NOTHING like the OWS. The Tea Party IS racist. The OWS is NOT RACIST. Their goals and aspirations are
divergent. Bill o'Reilly is racist and obtuse. Why folks come on his show to argue with him is pointless. He is also a very rude person. What a waste of airtime.

Anonymous said...

As always, I could not have said it better as Ms. Moorehead has done. As usual concise and precise. Hear hear.

msladydeborah said...

Self-reliance is not the intellectual property of the GOP. I am so tired of their supporters trying to make it seem like they are the sole owners of this theory.
Because in reality the Nation of Islam forwarded this idea, Black Nationalist movements have also forwarded the same idea. I do not think that Black people are against this particular principal.

What really concerns me is the absence of economic education for the Black American population. Where are our economist? Why are we not hearing factual information from a Black perspective? It is obvious that we need to step up our presence in this area.

I think that we are missing a prime opportunity to bring up how racism and sexism has stunted the economic growth and development of our population. In reality, the impact is not only hitting us hard now--it is going to continue to do so until we start using our political muscle to do some for real constructive swinging at all the parties and movements.

Why do we waste time trying to prove that racism exists? We know it and so do the supporters of the practice. It is a reality that often comes up as a subject of debate when it really falls into the slot of "it is, what it is".

I do not expect Bill O'Rilley to admit that there is a racist element within the Tea Party or the conservative base. He makes his money by not doing this and I suspec the cash flow is good enough for him not to tamper with it.

Anonymous said...

To whoever runs this BLog, & embedded this video, THANK YOU!!! Why? Because FOXNEWS has since pulled the Video from its YouTube Channel; they made it Private. Probably because Dr. Hill made O'Reilly look like the idiot he is. Again, good job embedding a video on a topic very few people want to address.

Anonymous said...

U can lead the thristy 2 water, but you can't make them drink (especially if they don't recognize that they are dehydrated)!

Kiki said...

The video was still on as of today Nov. 2. They may have changed the title, but I don't know what the original title was. The current title is "Why Aren't Blacks Involved in 'Occupy Wall Street'"