Saturday, October 29, 2011

NY Times Blogger Says Herman Cain Is the Least Fundamentally Sound Candidate in 30 Years

Your Black World reports

Nate Silver of the New York Times Five Thirty Eight Blog says that Herman Cain might be the biggest “outlier candidate” for president in the last 30 years. 

“The fact that Mr. Cain has made it this far with such apparently weak fundamentals — we’re less than 10 weeks away from the Iowa caucuses — is itself remarkable. It implies that there is either something fundamentally unusual about this year’s Republican nomination process, or perhaps that some sort of “new normal” has been established and that the old rules of how you win a nomination no longer carry as much weight.”

To date, Cain has not been endorsed by any Republican governor or member of Congress.  He has almost no political experience, and has never held an elected office.   Many are chalking Cain’s rise up to media coverage that grew once he made statements that were offensive to African Americans.  Cain has referred to the Democratic Party as a “plantation,” said that black people are “brainwashed,” and also said that racism is not a significant factor in socio-economic inequality.

"There is simply no precedent for a candidate like Mr. Cain, one with such strong polling but such weak fundamentals," Silver says.

Silver and others go on to say that Cain’s lack of fundamentals reduces his chances of getting the Republican nomination.  But they do not write him off completely, primarily because there is no precedent for a candidacy of this nature.


WizardG said...

Voting-in wealthy or soon to be wealthy "people". How insane can we be?

Every time people foolishly vote-in wealthy-greed/power-driven people seeking political office to "serve the public", they will get people who are selfish, egotistical, deceptive, and in some cases, diabolical sociopaths.
Factor into the equation the ultra-wealthy elite who orchestrate special entry (sleepers) into these government offices for their own aspirations of greed and world domination concepts and we've got a constant and continuous recipe for human poverty suffering, disaster and death.

How could anyone expect rich people to be fair to the middle-class and working-class, let alone the poor? Just how insane have we become and what percentage of us are more insane than the rest?
What has to happen to each individual to shock them into a true reality they were sidetracked from?

I continue to read stories about things that happened to particular people which caused them to realize that the lies they grew up believing were overwhelming and permeated the depths of their souls. Usually it takes a tragedy that contradicts everything they considered reality! But there are also stories of people being shocked in just the opposite way. Something profound shocks them into believing in fantasy! Imagine that! So just how crazy are we in "America" and what does it take to create a vacuum where the highest percentage of us will think more clearly towards a true reality? Or are we just destined to run into each other helter-skelter while making stupid social mishaps and voting for tyrants we help cause death and destruction around the world while feeling that everything "American" is somewhat as it should be?

R_U Serious said...

wizard g got it spot on. wake up

Play said...

Why is Herman Cain "the least fundamentally sound" candidate in 30 years? Clearly we need someone now who understands business and economics to get America working again. His resume in those areas make our current president look grossly unqualified (unless voting "present" more than a hundred times on issues that he could later be taken to task over count for something.) Or is the real problem that Mr. Cain isn't a liberal?

Dre13 said...

Play, Are you kidding? Are you really serious to a point where you dare to compare Herman Cain to Barack Obama? Wwther he is liberal or not liberal is not an argument on wether he is a viable, serious candidate for the the office of President of the Uniter States. If you honestly believe that Herman Cain has the credentials to actually be president, please spell them out for me. Here is a man that, in his effort to demonstrate that he has even a baseline understanding of economics, produces a "Mickey Mouse" tax plan that he can't even explain. The man's an idiot!

Anonymous said...

The reality is, this guy is not electable as a GOP presidential candidate. Once your character comes into question, as candidate Cain's has, with this sexual misconduct accusation. His alleged sexual misconduct is not a problem with the GOP, but the way his campaign is handling it, with many different explanations, will give the opposition something else to hammer him with. The Big Money doners will keep their money in their pockets, rather then take a chance on Herman Cain.


The only reason that Uncle Ruckus is even being considered is because he can say all of the assinine racist things that the republican leaders are thinking but dare not say. Think about this, how can a blackman(?) even think about being elected without any support of black people. Apparently this does not bother him at all. This clown has no foreign policy ideas, no domestic clue, and still does not realize that congress are the ones that has to approve his "nein,nien,nien" plan. The refuticans will ride this jackass until the primaries and then dis-own him like a leper step-child