Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pres. Obama Has Lost Quite a Few Donors Since 2008

Your Black World reports

President Obama isn’t finding donors to be as eager to give as they were during his previous campaign for election.  The president has lost millions from former donors in districts that he won narrowly in 2008, according to the Associated Press.

Thousands of small donors have retreated from the Obama campaign, and in some areas, they are giving their money to Republican candidates instead.   In spite of the decline in funding, the Obama campaign still has plenty of money to kick around:  They raised $70 million in the July-September period, which is far greater than any of the president’s Republican challengers.

The president has been set back by the challenges of the economy and has also lost many of his large donors.  His approval rating has dropped to 41 percent as well.

"He was our state senator, and when I looked at the Republican side, I thought, 'We need some fresh blood in the campaign,'" said Janet Tavakoli,  who gave $1,000 to his campaign. "But I was dead wrong about it.” 

Others have decided not to give money to anyone, in part because they feel disappointed with the Obama Presidency.

"I have little discretionary money, and I just have to take care of myself," said Roger Hodges of Richmond, Calif. Hodges who gave Obama $250 in the last campaign.


WizardG said...

Insane to believe the hype!
When you see the way the Anglo-Elite and their cohorts have configured the US as I do You will understand that it no longer matters who votes for Obama. Because the elite own everything and control all major forms of media and communication, and military, and police, and secret agencies.Their power is the omnipotent power. So if they can't convince the people that Obama is what 'we' want, then they'll just make the people believe that enough wanted him to "serve" another term, that he made it!

You see, it doesn't matter how we vote any longer (if it ever has). All that matters is the perception of a fair voting system, or a perception that politicians are in place to serve the public, or the perception that the "government" is basically a "good" government and the perception that these "power-criminals" send our children across the world to help 'people of color'!

The illusion of US patriotism, and the illusion of civil rights, and the illusion of a "just" justice system, and the illusion of a bill of rights and constitution.
All of these illusions brought to you by the richest men on the planet! Whom obviusly couldn't care less about anyone but themselves. We are a truly derailed and insane bunch of humans in this country if we believe the hype that is passed off as "America"!

Anonymous said...

I agree with wizardg!!!!

Anonymous said...

WizardG, you said some pretty powerful things. Look me up on facebook, if you can. My name is Erek Brown.

Anonymous said...

WizardG put it out there, thanks but all due consideration to the truth the multitudes keep missing it because they have been brain washed into oh beautiful that no longer exist. thanks G