Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Herman Cain Accuser Says Gloria Cain “Doesn’t Know Her Man”



By: Kirsten West Savali, Your Black World

Former GOP front-runner, Herman Cain’s, campaign continues to implode as his arrogance, ignorance on foreign issues and his alleged tendency to sexually harass blonde women have led him to a significant drop in popularity.

When he trotted out wife of 43 years, Gloria Cain, to calm the rising tide of criticism, she voiced her skepticism that her husband could have possibly groped an unwilling woman. In an interview that aired Monday on Fox News, Mrs. Cain spoke with Greta Van Susteren, explaining that:

"I know [Herman] has too much respect for women, he's too 'old school'.” She then says that her husband “opens doors” and “walks on the outside of the sidewalk” as examples of his chivalry.

After watching the interview, Sharon Bialek, Cain’s third accuser, spoke with My Fox Chicago, implying that she felt sorry for Mrs. Cain, because she obviously “doesn’t know her husband”:

“Well you know with politicians wives, historically they’ve stood by their man and she is too and you would expect no less in this with her,” Bialek said. “I feel for her the most in this because she doesn’t know her man.

“You know she said he’d have to have a split personality; well he’s notorious for not traveling to her to any events,” Bialek continues, “so even back at the NRA, she wasn’t present with him when I initially met him. How would she know her man? She’s a lovely lady and I feel for because she’s gotten caught up in all of this.”

Bialek possibly felt compelled to speak out because Mrs. Cain specifically singled her out as a liar in the interview, saying that she watched Bialek’s news conference last week because “"I wanted to hear her specific allegations.” After watching, however, Mrs. Cain dismissed her with a scornful, “You weren't in the car with Herman.” Bialek is accusing Cain of being “sexually aggressive” with her in a parked car when she asked him for help getting a job in 1997; her ex-boyfriend claims that she told him about the incident when it happened.

Mrs. Cain admitted her initial doubt to Susteren, saying that she wondered, “Could I have missed something?” She then reasoned, “If I haven't seen parts of that person in 43 years, I don't think I'm that simple that I would miss something that significant."


Watch Sharon Bialek’s interview below:


Sharon Bialek Says Gloria Cain “Doesn’t Know Her Man”.

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Anonymous said...

Been there, you are always the last to know... feel bad for Mrs. Cain but didn't she learn anything from all the other stand by your man moments. The worse one was the Governor's wife whose husband was gay. she said later she was in shock when they paraded her out in front of the cameras.