Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Johnny DuPree Loses Historic Mississippi Governor Race


Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree, has already made history by becoming the first African-American candidate to be selected in the state of Mississippi to run for governor. He was unable to pull out a victory though, losing his bid to Repubican governor-elect, Phil Bryant.

To hundreds of supporters at Hattiesburg’s Convention Center, Dupree made it clear that he is holding his lead high, proud of the strides that the state has made:

“I know what I am, and people see what my race is. What I’m talking about is the ability for anybody to run for any office in this state they want to even if they don’t have a significant amount of money, that’s supposed to be a red state instead of a blue state or blue state instead of a red state, but they have the opportunity to give the people a voice.”

DuPree was outspent more than 7 to 1; yet, grassroots supporters stumped diligently for him in a state that consistently tops the “bad” lists, and remains in the bottom of the “good” lists.

“We’ve met some great people in Mississippi, says Dupree. “We’ve gone places that we probably never would have gone before. Met people that we never would have met before, and they all have the same thing in common. They love Mississippi. They love where they live, and they deserve better than they get. So we’re determined we’re going to do better by them.”

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Anonymous said...

Mayor Dupree is a great man and he is concerned about the welfare of all Mississippians. It is time for this state to move forward. My opinion is strictly my opinion it is a shame that the citizens of this state is content with the National Rating Scale of Mississippi. It is time to prepare ourselves to live better on a national level. Mississippi is first on the bad list and last on the good. Come on Mississippi we can do better.