Thursday, December 1, 2011

Former Ivory Coast President Charged with Rape, Murder

Your Black World reports

Former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo was arrested by the International Criminal Court this week on charges of murder, rape and other serious crimes against humanity.   The 66-year old former leader is the first head of state to be arrested by the court in all of its nine-year history. 

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has been charged with genocide, but he has refused to surrender. 

“Mr. Gbagbo is brought to account for his individual responsibility in the attacks against civilians committed by forces acting on his behalf,” Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said in a statement.

It is alleged that 3,000 people died after Gbagbo refused to concede defeat after the presidential election that took place on November 28.  President Alassane Ouattara was only allowed to take over power with the help of international forces.

While some in the Ivory Coast were happy to hear about the arrest, others were not so pleased.  Taxi driver Ble Hypolite claims that the arrest was illegal.

“It’s not fair. Both parties were responsible. Since 2002 civilians have been killed, especially in the west,” he said. “This is bad for reconciliation.”

Reed Brody of Human Rights Watch says that both sides of the conflict are to blame for what happened, and that half of the aggressors went unpunished.

“This created the perception of victor’s justice,” he said. “And if the cycle of violence in Cote d’Ivoire is to stop there has to be justice that is even handed and justice for the victims on both sides.”


Anonymous said...

It is very unfartune to have to admit that there is no country led by black leaders are free of crime and corruption. It make me wonder of we deserve to be place in the position of leadership. Most blacks seem to suffer from self hate for each other.I am not just blaming others, I myself sometime catch myself being extremely angry at some of my black brothers and sisters, because of the way we act and treat each other. Then I realise that I cannot speak for others I can only speak for myself.
I avoid going to black run countries, because from observation of some black I do not feel safe going there, and that is unfartunate.I just return from Jamaica, where I was born, yet I am afraid of going there, and when I do go, I will stay in a hotel rather than staying around my own family. Because, they wont kill you themselves, but they will set it up for someone to kill you.
The corruption in Jamaica is out of this worls. The international rating organization give Jamaica, a 3.3 rating out of 187 nation. That is a disgrace. And this is the raing for all of Jamaica, not just the public sector, the private sector included.
The are trying to set up an overseas, banking business, well only a fool would send their money to a place like Jamaica. The now owes the rest of the world 1.6 trillion dollares. The entire country is not worth 1.6 trillion
dollars.All because they were given independence from England, and they do not have any idea what they are doing. There is no descipline in the society, there is not plan for development, so it become every man for himself, which means everybody turn to the criminal underword for their survival.
Murder went down by 40% this year because the United States, demand that the convicted criminal name Dudus Christopher, who is in Jail in the United States be extradited to stand trial for gang activities, which uncludes grugs and gun running as well as other crime. Can you emagine one man with that much impact that themurder rate went down by 40% because he was removed.
And the amazing thing about it is that he was operating from the constituency that wes represrted by the PRIME MINISTER, Bruce Golding. He spend an enarmour amount of of the people's money on a United States Law firm defending and trying to prevent the criminal from being extradited.
But weather the world know it or not this is what black leadership represent. The seven deadly sins
#1 WRATH, #2 GREED, #3 SLOTH, #4 PRIDE, #$ LUST, #6 ENVY, #7 GLUTTONY. These are the sins that permeate the black race. If we begin to focus on these seven deadly sins we may be able to save ourselves from extinsion. These thing are more important for black people to overcome more that anything you will find in the bible.

Anonymous said...

Stop, please stop it is very clear to me that you have little faith in black people. If you feel this way then keep that feeling to yourself or perhaps even better seek counseling to address the self hate. It is one thing for you to say some black people are corrupt but it is something very different to say that all black people are terrible leaders etc.

You make the bold claim that as a result of gaining its independence from england (white people) that JAM (black people) are doomed to be lost forever? Are you aware of the crimes the english have committed? Do you know what organization like Mi6 do? Do you know how the brits treated/treat the Irish? Human nature is flawed again Human nature is flawed not black people.

In the cases that you mentioned earlier about the corruption facing black people it is also important to understand the powers that force places like JAM and other countries to remain in poverty compared to the rest of the world. Do you know that international organizations like the world bank force these countries to develop or in most cases not develop or face the threat of having there credit rating downgraded? These international corporations are effectively forcing blacks to stay subservient by stipulating that resources must be used to maintain a tourist economy despite the needs of that country. Moreoever any democratically elected leader that the west does not agree with is murdered and replaced.

I really get hurt seeing MY people think this badly about themselves. I understand we have problems but so does everyone and it is important to look at the root of the problems and not just how they manifest. Only a fool will stare at a light fixture hanging from the ceiling throwing objects at it and cursing it in an attempt to cut it one without first going elsewhere to flip the switch.

You are talking about the effects of the problem, but say nothing about the cause of those effects.

Love yourself and love others and please, please stop this tomfoolery.