Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Media Has Effectively Ditched Herman Cain For Good

Your Black World reports.

Maybe it was one random woman too many, but the media has finally decided that Herman Cain could never be President of the United States.  Most of the major networks have left his candidacy for dead, and Cain now has as much a chance of success as the chubby kid trying to sprint his way to a gold medal at the Olympics.

“Everybody knows this candidacy is basically dead," NBCpolitical director Chuck Todd said Tuesday on the Today Show. 

Todd says that the only ones who don’t seem to realize that its over are those who are working on the campaign. 

"There's only so many head blows you can take," CNN commentator Mary Matalin said.

"Herman Cain, looks like he's through," said Bill O’Reilly from Fox News.

The latest allegations have come from Ginger White, a destitute woman who claims that she and Cain have had a 13-year casual affair.  White was just served an eviction notice, and some are speculating that her decision to speak out might have been driven by her financial troubles.

The Cain Campaign seems to be getting the message.  They just canceled a scheduled dinner with New York media figures, leading many to speculate that the campaign might be coming to an end.

"In the typical architecture of a candidate in trouble, changing your schedule is one of the elements that suggests a troubled campaign," says Tom Rosenstiel of the Project for Excellence in Journalism.


Busless said...

The end has come. Far too many do not remember that Dick Nixon fell because of his lack of veracity, not the details of Watergate. As was said, "Who do you want answering the red telephone in the White House at 3:00AM. Not Herman Cain.

Anonymous said...

His campaign was over the moment he began to insult people.

Anonymous said...

To be honest it doesn't matter to me as long as the brotha run for office. from the looks of it, he does have a good plan for the economy even though he is a conservative and may also be Boule, But what choice do we
have? We as a nation need a four party system it can give the voters more choices to choose from.

Battchief said...

Nixon fell because he was about to be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, and if Ford hadn't pardoned him, he would have gone to jail for a considerable time. The "details" of watergate were an afront to democracy and the cover-up just bought him some time or he would have gone sooner. Remember the tapes? Nixon was in from the begining. He put people up to illegal acts. That's not simple lack of "veracity".

As or Cain, he's a lying, decetful, Uncle Tom. I hope his wife has sense enough to divorce him and take her share of the money. How can you give money to a woman not your wife for 13 years, not tell your wife and insist that it's all innocent? Arrogant ass!

Anonymous said...

@Battchief- What proof was givin to back up the accusations againt Cain? None, that's right, none!

And calling him an uncle Tom, are you serious? Check your history buddy, the Republican party has always paved the way for blacks throughout history while the Demoocrat party has always had racism ties to 9 out of 10occurences. Keep supporting the Dems while the keep the blacks on the plantation.