Friday, December 16, 2011

The Obamas Release a New Family Portrait

Your Black World reports

The Obama family released the latest family portrait to the public.  As you can see, the girls are growing up fast, and the father is graying by the second.  The stress of the White House can overwhelm some, but the Obamas are still looking good as America’s Family.

The photograph was taken by Pete Souza of the Chicago Tribune.  The family had just returned from church when the picture was taken, according to the White House.  The last family portrait was taken in 2009 in the Green Room.  For some reason, they keep leaving the dog out.

Malia is now 13 and Sasha is 10.   The family doesn’t let the girls onto Facebook and their favorite TV show is “Modern Family.” 

1 comment:

Dimples said...

During this Holiday Season,
may God Bless and always
protect this Beautiful First
Family. The girls are fast
becoming real beautys!
Gotta love the Obamas!!!!