Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Question: Should Black Women Walk Away from "Think Like a Man" The Movie?

Black women, like writer Kirsten West-Savali, say that African Americans should walk away from the new Steve Harvey film, "Think Like a Man."  What do you think?  

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Anonymous said...

I think anyone with an ounce of brains who would ask that question should give a reason for asking, don't you.

Anonymous said...

I think it might be a good film, fun to watch...but I don't think its anything that we haven't already seen. It seems like the traditional black romantic comedy and I think most movie-goers understand that. At this point most people realize that some of Steve Harvey's ideas on relationships are a problematic, and I am sure there will be a discussion on those factors after it is released. So I don't think women should avoid the film necessarily, but I do think that there should be a discussion on some of the ideas presented in the film.