Monday, December 12, 2011

Tea Party Portrays President Obama as a Mixed-Race Skunk on Racist Website


President Obama is being portrayed as a "half-white, half black and stinky" skunk in a racist new website by the Tea Party 

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Save Our Children said...

By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Well Brothers and Sisters, we have another wakeup call
A New Law Allows Loaded Guns In Our National Parks
Will we now have even more of our names on deaths wall
Nothing but more hatred and racism will such laws spark

Would they pass a law like that for Inner-City Citizens?
Course not; they do not care about their lives being saved
They consider us losing our lives as merely misdemeanors
These people prefer us in our graves or have us re-enslaved

Firearms will remained banned in federal buildings
Can be carried in private lodges & concession stands
To Our Children, a lot more deaths these type laws brings
Hey, let’s take control of our lives into our very own hands!

Doesn’t have anything to do with Race, a lot of you will say
Pass laws that if not hunting only police can carry weapons
For some politician’s stupidity, with dead bodies, we will pay
Very, very soon African Americans will loose lives by the tons

Do I believe African Americans will be the only ones dying?
No but the racists does not care if non-racist loose their lives
When we loose our lives they like seeing our loved ones crying
No more college degrees, they want us killed by guns or knives

Who in their right minds would want guns around little babies
If it is done illegally, that’s one thing but making it legal is crazy
Such people should be locked in a cage with wolves with rabies
Unless we protest this law, we truly are sorry, worthless and lazy

Chris W. Cox, NRA's chief lobbyist, is a supporter of the law
Probably consider African Americans nothing more than pest
Even think we should still be in fields picking cotton or bailing straw
WAKEUP, we are “Returning To The Days Racist Love The Best”

Save Our Children said...

By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Since we seem to like fighting so much, I got an idea
Instead of fighting one another, let fight our enemies
For our President and our Race, more we have to care
The racist again want to see us just hanging from trees

Thanks to supporters the Health Care Plan was passed
It’s God’s message that we have a Real Man President
African American again are called the “N” word and harassed
Whomever did it, should have been beat to the cement

First of all, we must stop calling ourselves that racist name
Passing of this bill is just the beginning of our troubles
The President’s enemies will still try to put him to shame
They will enjoy hurting him like children blowing bubbles

Listening to the radio or watching the News it was not easy
Racist was degrading our President without any shame
Trust me; what they might be planning makes me very uneasy
Wakeup Brothers and Sisters, this is by far no longer a game

If we want to stay in this game of success let’s lend support
Our enemies but not our President wants to see us long gone
They smile when they see us in caskets or handcuffs in court
Prefer us in graves or prison yards, not our front lawn

Brothers and Sisters, we must stop destroying one another
As adults, if we stop our children will also do the same
God want us to love and respect, not shot and kill each other
Stop killing one another like it’s a Playstation or X-Box game

There is a law in the works to bring in our replacement Race
Things taking place everyday, many of us don’t have a hint
Everybody does not like you because of a smile on their face
We all need to, “Support Our President & Our Families”

Stop Sitting Around Ignoring Our Problems
Children Need Help Adults Need Help

Save Our Children said...

More Real People…Less Phony Pretenders
By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

If we are to Save Our Children, adults you must change
Our children have way too many pretenders in their lives
Instead of having brains, adults seem to be really derange
All they want to do is get drunk, smoke dope and talk jive

In the meantime young people are doing horrible things
Too many males and females are helping & encouraging
Adult’s stupidity, to children, graves and prisons it brings
Adults we had better start discouraging, not encouraging

In churches and schools, it is sadden looking at children
Realizing unless adults stand-up, our children are finish
Adults, in schools and churches more time we must spend
How can you set back and let children’s lives be diminish

I am sick of hearing people saying, “It’s In God’s Hands”
The good things are in God’s Hands and the bad in Satan’s
For betterment of our children, God want us to take stands
Wakeup people, start showing love and forget the hating

Jesus died for us, Doctor King and others gave theirs also
Today we are joyfully taking lives instead of saving them
When life ends wouldn’t you like being up and not below
Everyday children are dying or in a court being condemn

God changes things but He uses us to make the changes
Stop giving God a few hours in church and Satan the rest
Right now adults and children are targets on firing ranges
Instead of doing our worse, let’s step-up and do our best

If we start showing True Love and Real Caring, Oh God!
Rest assured God will give His Blessings to the defenders
Turn communities back into peace and not firing squads
We need lots “More Real People….Less Phony Pretenders”

Save Our Children said...

By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

As African Americans we are just beyond mentally dead or asleep
Everyday all you hear about is numerous dead adults and children
Some care less about our children and more about a cow or sheep
Our children have so few Men or Women on whom they can depend

Everyday you hear males and females talking about helping our kids
Right after the talking the next thing you hear is, “send a donation”
It’s like cars at an auction; our young people’s lives are up for bids
It is as though African Americans were back living on a plantation

Difference, instead of our enemies killing us, we are killing ourselves
People with brains and knowledge are trying to make a difference
Our enemies and the brainless are saying “let them kill themselves”
Males treat Children, our Elderly and Women with such indifference

Brothers, we have got to wake-up and see we are headed for destruction
Sisters all around us can see it and they are trying hard to make a change
Ignoring the problems will not bring our jailing and deaths to a reduction
Instead of good parents, children only have baby makers gone derange

Females only want males if they have money, looks and a long body part
Males only want females they can boss around, sleep with and impregnate
Tell me, when will the males and females stop and Men & Women start
Instead of homes males and females are going to graves or a prison gate

Some politicians are trying hard to pass laws that will eventually hurt us
President Obama is trying to show us the right road to travel to success
Instead of paying attention, all we seem to do is get drunk, kill and cuss
Come on Brothers and Sisters, for our children’s sake let’s end this mess

If you are going to have a baby wait until you have a degree and a Man
If you are a Real Man, find yourself a Real Woman and have Real Unity
To survive we must stop ignoring the problems and come up with a plan
Trust me; our enemies are truly laughing and “Enjoying Our Stupidity”