Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yvette Carnell: Republican Debates Continue to be Racist

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Save Our Children said...

By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Since we seem to like fighting so much, I got an idea
Instead of fighting one another, let fight our enemies
For our President and our Race, more we have to care
The racist again want to see us just hanging from trees

Thanks to supporters the Health Care Plan was passed
It’s God’s message that we have a Real Man President
African American again are called the “N” word and harassed
Whomever did it, should have been beat to the cement

First of all, we must stop calling ourselves that racist name
Passing of this bill is just the beginning of our troubles
The President’s enemies will still try to put him to shame
They will enjoy hurting him like children blowing bubbles

Listening to the radio or watching the News it was not easy
Racist was degrading our President without any shame
Trust me; what they might be planning makes me very uneasy
Wakeup Brothers and Sisters, this is by far no longer a game

If we want to stay in this game of success let’s lend support
Our enemies but not our President wants to see us long gone
They smile when they see us in caskets or handcuffs in court
Prefer us in graves or prison yards, not our front lawn

Brothers and Sisters, we must stop destroying one another
As adults, if we stop our children will also do the same
God want us to love and respect, not shot and kill each other
Stop killing one another like it’s a Playstation or X-Box game

There is a law in the works to bring in our replacement Race
Things taking place everyday, many of us don’t have a hint
Everybody does not like you because of a smile on their face
We all need to, “Support Our President & Our Families”

Stop Sitting Around Ignoring Our Problems
Children Need Help Adults Need Help

Save Our Children said...

If Our Enemies Destroy President Obama
By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Too many ignorant and racist Americans are against our President
Even some Democratics are stepping down in order to destroy him
An African American in the White House, many Americans resent
They would like to return to the days of hanging us from a tree limb

Brothers and Sisters, we are just plain stupid when it comes to reality
We are walking around, clothes hanging down and bodies overblown
In one another, children, or our race, we have very little confidentiality
The showing of Love and Support we once had seemed to be long gone

Everyday our children is crying and begging for our positive leadership
Instead of pulling them up on their feet, we are helping throw them away
Adults must start saying positive things instead of lots of filth from our lips
Children going to schools, that same filth they say to their teachers everyday

President Obama and the First Lady is trying so hard to make us wakeup
It’s imagine we can just walk around and do nothing to bring about change
Daily hundreds of young African American males are killed or locked up
Our so-called men and women must stop walking as if they are deranged

Real Men and Women are trying desperately to save the African Americans
In order for adults to save themselves, they must start by saving our children
We must get out in our neighborhoods and put together some positive plans
Homes or neighborhoods, children have few adults on whom they can depend

Young males these days, abandon their children because it happened to them
If older males abandon children and beat on females, young ones will imitate
Worthless adult males are the reasons our young males and killed or condemn
With no Real Men in their lives, our young people are dying at an alarming rate

African Americans stop being males and females and become Men and Women
Remember how great we were raised by Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy and Momma
Our children need good parents in their lives on whom they can trust and depend
We have no future in America, “If Our Enemies Destroy President Obama”