Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FOX NEWS Villifies Black Women

The less than reputable folks over at FOX News are at it again. This time, they take it further, in their 'scientific-breakdown' of the "Angry Black Woman." Watch "Reporter," Cal Thomas, educate us about Angry Black Women:


Anonymous said...

Boy, I sure can't stand these idiots. In fact they seem angry that we exist. So lets not get too caught up on what they think because their goal is to destyroy us. Lets focus mainly on out souls, our childrens souls, our family's souls and our community.
Remember FOX has the power at this time to portray black people any way they choose. So if you are tired of hearing these jackasses degrade us join the fight. Sign the petition on Yourblackworld.com....Peace be with all of you...Black is beautiful and don't forget it.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, Fox News need to put their feet in black people shoes and walk the green mile

Sir Ted said...

No disrespect to Dr. Watkins and his petition drive but, the hell with that. We need to organize and go to Cock news and march on there asses till they get the picture. We did it for the Jena 6, why not for the good of our Black Nation, huh?

mo said...

the funny thing is that I had noticed this form of stuidity from these fellow(need a better word) black people a long time ago but never knew they wouldnever stop.I am african and it really kills my soul when black people who know a lot about what black people have been through go about calling themselves bastards