Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bill Clinton Says Voters are the Key to Ending Washington Fighting

Your Black World reports

Former President Bill Clinton is appealing to American voters to help end the struggles in Washington DC.  With an unprecedented poverty rate, high unemployment and a growing gap between the rich and the poor, President Clinton says that the American people are the key to ending the fighting in Washington.

"We need a little bit of help from the American people," Clinton said on ABC's This Week With Christiane Amanpour. "I mean, conflict has proved to be remarkably good politics."

"It's very hard for the people in Washington, who got there based on pure conflict, pure attack, pure ideology, to take it seriously when their same constituents are saying please do something positive," Clinton added. "That's not how they got elected."

President Clinton is planning to meet for his annual Clinton Global Initiative this week in New York City. 

"We live in a time where there's this huge disconnect between the way the political system works and the way the economic system works," Clinton said.

"Every place the American economy is booming, cooperation is the order of the day," Obama said. "But conflict is still good politics in Washington."

"So," he added, "until the American people make it clear that -- however they voted in past elections -- they want these folks to work together and to do something, there's going to be a little ambivalence in Washington."

President Obama recently proposed an increase in taxes to the wealthy.  Republicans are already opposing the plan, stating that it is tantamount to class warfare.  President Obama and Congress are working to improve dismal approval ratings on both the economy and other domestic policies.


Anonymous said...

So 'conflict is good' for politics? Politicians didn't get voted in for the negative stupidity they project on a constant basis, but for being "positive?" This political system is so phony it's pathetic! And can be deemed as 'schizophrenic,' at best!

I understand now why their forefathers concocted mandates that said it was unlawful for our ancestors to read or write and if they were caught in possession of a book or pencil they were 'beaten,' often 'imprisoned' and in many cases hung to their death. I understand now, why there were once laws that said 'we couldn't marry' or own anything of 'value' and couldn't protect our family because the rules said that we could not own any type of 'weapon.' The latter allowed them to rape our women and children, at will! I understand now, why we as a ppl are still in bondage, because we're victimized by the most 'wicked, barbaric' culture on the planet!


Anonymous said...

Until the lower and middle class of Americans vote for one of their own to represent their interest in Washington we wil continue with this madness. The rich do not represent the poor they use the poor because the poor have no voice in America.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous responder.... It's apparent that there's a distinct group of 'elites' that control the government, the media, the corporations, the transportation system, etc.. Until the majority of the populace come together across ethnic lines all of the little 'pervert flakes' on top will remain in control over the majority of the ppl. Black ppl, in particular, need to know that the entire western world (south, central, north america and the carribean islands) was built through 'forced FREE LABOR!' They've deceived ppl into believing they worked hard for their riches when in reality or 'truth mode' all of their wealth was attained through 'lies, usury and murder!" Black ppl need to realize that they're being controlled by CRIMINALS! We need to stop drinking, doing drugs and partying because our situation is 'very serious!'