Monday, September 26, 2011

Maxine Waters Responds to President Obama’s Language at the CBC

Rep Maxine Waters had a few things to say about President Obama’s recent remarks at the Congressional Black Caucus.  During the speech, the president said that African Americans should stop complaining and work with him to achieve his goals.

“Stop complaining. Stop grumbling. Stop crying. We are going to press on. We’ve got work to do,” he said.

“I’m not sure who the president was addressing. I found that language a bit curious,” Waters said. “The president spoke to the Hispanic Caucus… he certainly didn’t tell them to stop complaining and he never would say that to the gay and lesbian community who really pushed him on don’t ask don’t tell or even in a speech to APEC, he would never say to the Jewish community stop complaining about Israel.”

“So I don’t know who he was talking to because we’re certainly not complaining. We are working. We support him and we are protecting that base because we want people to be enthusiastic about him when that election rolls around,” Waters also said.


Michael Davis Sr said...

Stop defending and talking up for this man.He could care less about Black Folks.How could you applaud someone talking down to you.Unreal

Anonymous said...

Ms. Waters,
You are an embarrassment to the black (and broader) political community. Barack Obama is a leader in a way you'll never be. All Americans need to stop whining and get onboard; the rich sure aren't whining! They're laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentelmen, this devisive tone and attitudes are playing right into the GOP's plan. The President was right to say what he said, even though he couldn't speak that way to othher groups. This is us and we overstand where he's comming from, no one has made things easy for him to do the things that really need to be done and please all the people all the time. Truth is not many outside the white house, dept. of treasury, defense and maybe the congress really know the true opposition he face in attempting to undo 16 to 20 years of bad policies by his predisessors. These are task not many can even comprehend. They've stoped him at almost everthing good he's tried to do for all americans. Black folk should overstand what his comment were conveying, not insults or degrading, just wake up and realize these opposers are not gonna give him room to make change unless we are so cohesive with him that they can't block his efforts. We must realize if he can't get things done for us, we truly are up shits creek. Stop the bull and realize, he is just a blackman in their eyes, in ours he's our last best hope!

Anonymous said...

Bad choice of words by the Pres. We have to fight and stand up for him in workplace conversations and then he turns around and tells us to stop complaining. Whatever dude.

Anonymous said...

The Black community should stop complaining and stand up and MARCH just like your ancestors and family members before you. How do you think you received the benefits you have today.

The Black community when this nation was at its worst, people died in ways to dispeakable to discuss, they stood up and Marched and Fought they didn't wine. They didn't have nearly the things you have now.

Get a Spine and stop whining and stand up and fight for the community. MARCH becaue while many sit back and watch others/Republicans are making laws to take your voting rights, close our puslic schools or make them private, Kill Medicare, Kill Social Security, Kill Medicaid, Close the FDA, Close the EPA and simply roll back Regulations for Corporations the very loose rules that brought the country to its knees

Nothing less than a fight/March by the millions will stop this havoc, and most importantly as the ancestors had FAITH IN GOD.

Why is the Black Church Silent?

Get involved

The Media will not give you the truth or the issues

Sign up for and keep track of all bills discussed, passed or pended in the congress

Find out what the issues are because they affect your family's life.

Get Up and get involved.

Blogs aren't addressing the Issues some with half truth other None

The March On Wallstreet has been going on for over a week why haven't you covered that? Neither has the mainstreem Media

ALEX------------try covering that where lawmakers in congress and Big corporations write the laws that those congressmen/women bring from the group


Most important if you don't have a Photo ID or anyone in your family or community or church get them one

Republicans have changed and are changing laws in every state to p revent People of color from voting.

The President's entire message was ACT!

Anonymous said...

If the President wasn't talking about you, then you would not be offended. But,if he was talking about you, shut up and join the cause. If you are unemployed, but you're not trying to find a job, then don''t talk about he isn't doing anything about the unemployment rate. Stop expecting a hand out

Iris said...

Maxine, the president was talking to you and every member of the CBC who spent the month of August COMPLAINING, GRUMBLING, CRYING to your constituents in your districts about how Obama wasn't doing enough for the unemployment issue in the AA community.

Anonymous said...

“Stop complaining. Stop grumbling. Stop crying. We are going to press on. We’ve got work to do,” he said.

Waters, he said the same thing at a predominately white rally in Raleigh, NC. He has said it many times at various rallies throughout the country, not just to Black audiences but to White, Hispanic and Jewish audiences. You just haven't been paying attention.

Bernell said...

The President is right in what he's saying. This is not the time for complaining or finger-pointing. The President is at least offering solutions.Too many of us complain but refuse to get involved. We get what we get because we devalue ourselves and don't demand more; of ourselves. We hold our solutions. This coming year we will be worth over $1 trillion in spending power. With that kind of money we should retrain and re-school our communities ourselves.We need leaders with vision. Marching days are over...

GS350JPN said...

Everyone needs to understand that the way of the past is gone. What is it that you really need to do is your goal. Everyone needs to get a passport! Everyone needs to become a law abiding citizen which means you must become an active citizen. Get involved in I yernational businesses. Learn different languages especially Japanese and Chinese. Read everything you can especially "the secret relationship between Black and Jews". It a very good history book. Understand that everything you spend money on is an investment. Everything you do should be some form of generating cash. If you are not buying stock in a product, don't buy it. Every penny you spend is going to some special groups cause. You want a job go international. You can make millions overseas selling your way of life. I live in Japan. They play hip hop in Starbucks. Love yourselves. Join investorwords dot com. Learn the vocabulary. Math is easy. Learn the vocabulary, addition, and subtraction. It will become easy. Eating healthy saves money. Sharedtalk dot com is a free way to learn languages from native speakers. Write books about your life and sell it online. Open up the hood to visitors. People will pay to eat in your house. We need to learn more vocabulary and the world will open up to you.

We are hated as a group. People will help you as an individual. We were on this Earth first. Act like it. Oh, stop crying to god. He/she said that you will not receive help unless you help yourself. Do you know what that means? Create a business and others (paid and volunteers) will help you build it. Spread the love. Hate will eventually kill itself when everything else is gone. How do you start? Stop making up situations in your head about what you think someone else is thinking. If you want to know, go ask. Write books of all kinds. Get your life out there. TRAVEL if you can. There is money in the hood. Enslave it. Money knows how to make money. You just need to guide it in the right direction. Make contracts with your kids and kids in the street to have a truce. Be parents not correctional officers. The solution is simple. Believe in yourself. Don't share your dreams with slackers and people who do not know what you know. Change your vocabulary correct then "you is," and other sentences. Intelligence is our creation. Everything is easy. If you don't understand look it up in a dictionary or a reference book. Tell tapers to make songs telling everyone else to respect us. Things will change. Trust yourself. Faith is for fools. If you do your research, you will succeed. The only thing stopping you is your way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Obama is outline for those remarks. They mirrior the remarks of a controller, I heard "Stop complaining about your wants and needs and help me with what I want and need." This is not the champion of the poor and weak that I thought he would be.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Take your comment back to the outhouse!!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that when Kanye West stated that Bush did not like Black people where was Maxine Waters, Cornell West, and Tavis Smiley...they sat quietly and did not support Kanye at ALL and the proof was in the pudding with Katrina...Did we all forget that President Obama said to make the changes necessary that it would not be swift nor easy. To deal with stiff neck Republicans and now the backlash from his own people is over the top...I don't think he has forgotten Black America but you must remember we did not get in this mess overnight.

Fay Cole said...

The difference between the African American community, Latinos, Jewish Americans and the GLBT community is this. THEY HAVE AN AGENDA!! Each group will and has lobbied the president AND CONGRESS with their specific demands. What are African Americans coming with other than complaints that "Obama ain't doing nothing for us"? Despite increasing funds to HBCUs and PELL grants, despite the benefits from the Healthcare Act and signing a bill that closes disparaties in sentencing for drug offenses and other efforts with the Democratic Congress, many black people are steady bitching and moaning. I can tell you why a lot of Black people can't get jobs. Simply put...a lack of SKILLS including basic math and science. People aren't hiring the unskilled and too many of us are dropping out of school and not preparing ourselves for a global job market. Is that Obama's fault or our own? We all have a role to play. Mad? Want to complain? Then write/march/call and complain to your conressional representative. Now, that's who you should hold accountable for "not doing anything" for you, truth be told.

Anonymous said...

The president is right to tell people to stop complaining, nothing but hard work and preserverance will help those who need it, however to only call out one race and not tell everyone is a mistake. Very true that complaining never helped anyone, can you imagine if Bush told blacks, stop complaining, or if Obama told Jews, stop complaining? This double standard must stop if any forward progress in race relations can go forward.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Waters,
Great analogy! I believe that you stand form on your beliefs and if I had the chance, I would vote for you. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

@ Michael Davis Sr...

How could you say, "he could care less about Black folks?"

Here's someone who was raised by WHITE FOLKS and attended a predominately WHITE FOLKS college. He marries a real Sister and has 2 beautiful daughters, who btw, he dedicates his life and soul to, and marched up and down the streets of Chi-town as a community organizer. Do you think that he would leave daughters and daughter's children behind? Again, he could've went on and made a boat load of cash, and married a woman who fit his mother and grandmother's image....I mean in color!

With that tone and the words of Tavis "Black Folks" Smiley, I truly believe that you're just a hater no matter what this man does. If so, just say so. People have a right to criticize this president, but w/o proof, what right do you have to introduce your silly opions as Gospel? Again, without his presidency being over, give us a plausible reason as to why, "he could care less about black folks."

Btw, when he shows the Black community some "love" don't come back with that tired excuse, "well, it took him long enough." Be a man about it and admit that you were wrong. Vice-versa, I'll do the same!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Maxine "Whinner" Waters, with all do respect... PLEASE SHUT UP! Did u not hear between the lines my people? Our Commander and Chief mentioned the word "march" how many times? The Pesident said "to put on ur marching boots". Jews and Latinos dont whine and complain they organize and campaign. Protest and march, like we use to do. Now we just sit back and get marched on. Wake up my people dont get mad at the President, get mad at the sytem, get mad at yourself for not doing more. Get up and Stand up for our rights! Ms Waters are you really standing up for our rights ma'am?

Anonymous said...

So if you knew that the President mentioned the same actions to other ethnic groups...

Now is the time to act. We are not people who just watch things happening. We make things happen. (Applause.) We’re Americans. We are tougher than the hand that we’ve been dealt. We’re bigger than the politics we’ve been putting up with. We’re patriots and pioneers and innovators and entrepreneurs. Through individual effort, but also through a commitment to one another, we have built an economy that is the engine and the envy of the world. We’re not going to stop now. The time for hand-wringing is over. The time for moping around -- we’ve got to kick off our bedroom slippers and put on our marching shoes. We’ve got to get to work. (Applause.)

This speech was at a rally in Raleigh, NC on Sept 14 in front of a majority white audience.

Don't believe me? Go to, find the video and go to 23:00.

Simply because Waters has never heard President Obama say "take off your slippers" to white, hispanic, and jewish audiences doesn't mean that he hasn't said it. He has been traveling through the country since he presented his jobs bill and have been giving on fire speeches ever since.

Anonymous said...

No one said 'stop fighting,' Mr. Obama said 'stop complaining,' which is something 'we' tend to do. Complaining is not fighting, complaining is a waste of time, when there is no work behind it. I'm appalled to see so many blacks claim they will sit at home and not vote in 2012. What do you think will happen then? How much complaining will you do then if you sit home and not exercise the right your ancestors fought and died for because you're having a hissy over the President not working just for the black people, but for ALL of the people! is job is not easy and has been made more difficult by anyone who can't deal with his race! Could YOU do his job? I think not! He is under a microscope and everything he says and does is blown out of proportion and the "others" use it to pit blacks against him and you know what? So many blacks have bought into it that it's unreal to me! If we don't support the President NOW, we will forever feel the backlash of what could have been and how we screwed it up. I'm with Obama, stop the complaining and get out and do the work it takes to bring about change! Change means YOU must also change! Oh and I respect Miss Waters for what she has accomplished, but I'm sick of her! Didn't she at one time support Ebonics in the classroom? She lost my support after that one. She can't tell me anything and I don't listent o her criticism of our President.

alicia banks said...


waters/paul 2012!!!