Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yvette Carnell: Obama Tells Black People to Stop Bitchin and Come Work for Him

Transcript: President Obama's speech at the CBC Foundation gala

Obama to Black Community: take off your head scarf and wave caps, put away the jug of Kool-Aid and grape drink, stop frying that chicken.
by Yvette Carnell
I just finished listening to President Obama’s speech at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner and I’m still reeling with anger. Honestly, I’ve never been more afraid for my country or my people than I am now.
In his speech, Obama told the mostly black audience;
Take off your bedroom slippers.Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.
As writer Charing Ball noted, Obama may as well have said “take off your head scarf and wave caps, put away the jug of Kool-Aid and grape drink, stop frying that chicken.”
Of course, black people aren’t wearing “slippers”. To the contrary, we’re fighting, without any help from the executive branch mind you, to keep our heads above water in this recession.
But President Obama isn’t speaking to us, but about us – to conservative leaning independents. He’s speaking to the stereotype that they hold, that African-Americans are lazy critters who aren’t capable of self-actualization.  And it was remarkable to hear Obama bark patronizingly at an African American crowd, then watch the crowd answer in applause. In a word, heartbreaking.
Basically, the most risk averse President in modern history is telling us to put our ass on the line for him. He’s telling us to put on our marching shoes even though he never marched for anything during his days as a “community organizer”. The only thing Obama knows about marching is what he read under a palm tree in Hawaii, and he’s lecturing us?
The man who capitulates at every turn and invalidates progressives as the “professional left” has the nerve to demand our loyalty? The man who answers the whining of the Tea Party with strong and deliberate action has the nerve to admonish us for our criticisms?
Instead of helping us navigate our way through a Wall St engineered recession, Obama has relegated us to the 1960’s.  Truth is, if Obama had fought for something- anything- then maybe there would be less of a need to march.
And at least when folks marched in the 1960′s, they marched against the escalation of the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, Obama ESCALATES war and wants us to march for him? He wants up to put our beliefs on the backburner for his careerist ambitions? For his legacy? For the continuance of a purely symbolic victory?
For those who are prepared to accept Obama’s call to arms, just know that Obama won’t have your back. If you strike out marching and get arrested (or worse), Obama will look on you with the same indifference that he looks upon the  “Occupy Wall. St.” protesters. Unlike JFK, who protected black protesters with the national guard, Obama hasn’t even acknowledged the Wall St protesters, let alone protect them. He won’t bail you out or expunge your arrest record. And you won’t pass the background check for that new job you had your heart set on. That’s change you can believe in only if you’re stupid.
Saddest of all, though, is that Obama would never have told the Jewish community or Wall St. bankers to stop complaining and go march. He is, of course, respectful of and beholden to those constituencies. But he has no problem adding a little base to his voice and chastising us like toddlers.
I know Obama’s new to this, but the job of a politician is to ask for our votes, not berate us and give us our marching orders. He works for us, not the other way around. He should get busy doing his job. Maybe if Obama had fought for something other than his own skin, we’d fight alongside him. Maybe if Obama had honored those who marched during the Civil Rights movement by working on their behalf to save Social Security, Medicare, and other safety nets, maybe I’d stand at his side. But Obama is a careerist politician who only stands up for himself, and he’s a man who defends himself by debasing all African Americans and our legacy.
From where I stand, Obama doesn’t even like us, much less have our best interest at heart. This is what a compromised and conflicted black man looks like. Let us learn from this, so as to avoid making the same mistake again. In so far as hope goes, that’s all we have to cling to.


Anonymous said...

This "article/blog" is just anothes piece of pure, foolish crap!

It is no wonder that we are our biggest and worse enemy!

This is the type of ignorance that we no longer need:

"Obama to Black Community: take off your head scarf and wave caps, put away the jug of Kool-Aid and grape drink, stop frying that chicken."

Why would the writer use or quote this type of thought process? IS that really what our President said or thinks? Are we now going to put words in his mouth? Ignorant words at that!

It is hard to believe that in 2011 we still have black people with such limited thinking.

Anonymous said...

Why are you putting words in the President's mouth?

gee said...

Keep working to help yourself! It doesn't matter who the president is. You sound like you thought he was gonna deliver Black folk to the promised land. Please sit down and stop sounding so gullible.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Did you even listen to the speech? He was saying we need to work together. You must've missed the memo

Anonymous said...

Who the hell wrote this? Yvette or Shawn Hannity?

Yvette, is that what you got from the speech?

Dr. Boyce, did you authorize this or did someone steal your passcode?

This person has a personal problem with President Obama and is totally clueless about what agenda(s) that is currently being pushed by the President. Sister you missed the message! This is the same tones of ignorance that is keeping this country from moving forward, so get out from behind your computer and get out the house walk among the "real people."

Yvette, you are the type of Black American that Fox News will hire to continue to spread their toxic mentality and provoke further calamity. This is not what this great nation needs right now, so please don't test us with nonsense you could have spent your time writing about something else.

thewarrior said...

I am sending out this American Jobs ACT Release so that People can dI did, Download it and Read it for themselves. FORGET all of the LIES, and FALSE Statements, and HATE-Reterick by the "TEE-MANIACS & Reprehensible Party Crazies" and Read it and See THE TRUTH!

OPPOSING this Plan is basically Committing "ECONOMIC TREASON!" Against The Citizens of America!

The White House Blog President Obama Sends The American Jobs Act to Congress

The Warrior

thewarrior said...

That person who wrote that comment about the president, is Helping the "TEE-MANIACS and Reprehensible Party" commit "Economic TREASON" upon the American People, especially People of Color.

The CBC accepting "Grumbling" of the African-American People reminds me of the People who wandered in the Wilderness, as Like WE are still wandering in the wilderness, Centuries later.

Has This person considered What Kind of Crazies we could get, as President, those "TEE-MANIACS And Reprehensible Party Candidates running against President Obama? Probably can't think that far! Has that person thought about what/where we would have been, IF The McCain-Palin Opposition had won? Probably not!

IF, The People of America keep ON "Grumbling & Complaining" and Keep Not Supporting Our President, GOD may just give us what we seem to want as one of these "TEE-MANIACS or Reprehensible Party" Crazies as President....Those Are The Most Night-Mare type of thoughts for our future...
"the Warrior"

Anonymous said...

Dear Yvette Carnell or Charing Ball, In my 30 years in this country, we Blacks have always pulled eachother down. Why? Both of you are very wrong and this is so sad. I hope you will remember this for the rest of your lives. President Barack Obama, an African American of Black African descent is and will be the ONLY black President the United States of America will produce in our lifetime. We can't keep attacking him too, they beat up on him on every move he makes to revive this country and you don't see that. It is a shame that people like you exist.

thewarrior said...

Why does the CBC and the People of Color NOT look for ways to help Build OUR own Economy, as Do those "TEE-Maniacs & Reprehensible Party" Crazies and Their Rich/Wealthy greedy Pimps do?

1. WE have Athletes,and Celebrities, with Money, and Multi-million Dollar Contracts, who allow for their Millions to re-cycled back to The Greedy Institutions that redistribute those Millions and Billions back through "THEIR Own Buddies" and Partners. Even OUR Colorful Agents, who represent them (the Athletes and Celebrities) help keep that Cycle going.

2. IF, The CBC and OUR few Representatives of The Democratic Parties would Concentrate Upon Ways to Inform, and Distribute More of the GRANTS, and Small Business Loans,(SBA)and many, many other Financial funded items, which the President and his T.E.A.M. has quietly put into place, out of the News spotlight, into "Public-Private Partnerships" there could be a Serious Jobs Creation advancement, even before this latest American Jobs Act. The CBC and Our Democratic leaders spend so much time chasing "Ghost Issues" Purposely thrown out by the "TEE_MANIACS and Reprehensible Party", that it plays right into the Crazies' plans.

3. The Power is still within "THE PEOPLE, as in "WE-THE-PEOPLE", in order to Form a More perfect UNION, and As We see Dictators being overthrown world wide, "WE" many of us sit back and Grumble and Complain, instead of helping The President FIGHT these Evil people, who seek to Drive The United States back int a "SLAVE LABOR" Force Era, and back into A "JIM-CROW" type America. Thoe Few "TEE-MANIACS & Reprehensible party" Crazies are so consumed with HATE, and Dreams of "BACK-IN-THE-DAYS" SLAVERY-TYPE labor forces, that They are Pulling out all the Stops to "Take back Their Country"..YOU mean to tell me, that The UNITED STATES is Their, and NOT Ours, after all of the Struggling, Discrimination's, Deaths, Blood, and, Hatred that WE have endured??? WE had better Help The President, because THAT Hate-Filled Group on the Other side Is Most Likely leading to the Very Last Days, predicted in the Bible! President Obama, is GOD'S temporary, Grace to US, and Intercession, against "THOSE EVIL DAYS"!

"The Warrior"

Anonymous said...

He's been consistent in his attack on blacks. Go back and read his primary speech "A More Perfect Union." The racism is alive and well there. Don't listen to it, go and print it out and read the words on the page.

Anonymous said...

"A More Perfect Union?" What are you saying? So you mean to tell me that when you print, watch, read or listen to it you believe that it embellishes racism. A speech that was written and delivered to the action or fact of joining together or being joined together as a people?

My friend you have been officially brain washed! My people we are living in a world were some are identifying bad as good and good as bad.

I am not saying that the President is perfect, but we must recognize the character of a man's heart especially when is motive is to help those who are in need.

Renelda Moorehead said...

Yvette Carnell, your article was right on target. It shows that you are not being fooled by Obama & his teams's slick, insulting rhetoric. Obama's dropping his endings of words to sound down wit da peeps, was pathetic. As were his stereotypical references. His speech denigrated our people---plain anad simple. His 'speech' which was laughable if it wasn't so disgusting, insulted the august body of The CBC, who have been traditionally on guard for us. Thank you for seeing through the glibness of President Obama, and for being brave enough to post.

Anonymous said...

I may be confused, but united we stand and divided we fall. Is this some house ni....a, field ni....a shi.... in these comments?


linmor said...

I agree with Yvette. He is chastising Blacks again. He would not make those statements to a Jewish or Hispanic audience. He definitely did not say it to the auto industry, bankers or gay community. I will have my marching shoes on but they will not be marching to the poll to vote for him again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the author 100%. It is disconcerting to see the Black Caucus cheering these stereotypical images of Black people. We are so caught up with our First Black President that we can not even see the narcissism. Black narcissists hate Black people (thus themselves) and work for the betterment of White males, whom they identify as superior. Narcissists only want to associate with "superior" people that can match their "false" self identity, because they hate their real identity. If Clinton had said, stop whining, take off the bedroom slippers, and start marching for a Jobs Bill that may end up helping white males more than anyone (remember the stimulus beneficiaries?) is curious at best.

Optimist in Texas said...

This is so sad what I am reading here! While I am not advocating upholding wrong; I just believe there is a better way of handling "our" dissatisfaction with "our" President's performance and his ability to produce the results "we" deem necessary for growth and change. As a people we are constantly tearing each other down and in the public forums reflecting "our" disorder and disrespect for each other. While I don’t agree with every aspect of Obama’s decisions; he IS “OUR” PRESIDENT, he IS “OUR” brother, he IS “OUR” change towards something “BIGGER” and “BRIGHTER”. While George W. Bush’s reign of terror carried on for two terms, what did we do? Write columns such as this and did NOTHING. Post comments such as these and did NOTHING. I am just suggesting that THIS is not the way; there has to be a better avenue for addressing this matter; especially since it is an opinion majority viewed as fallacies, filled with such negate towards one of “OUR” own. Furthermore, education, criticism, and reproach SHOULD all be done in a tactful and decent manner. I agree that when it is done distastefully and indecent; it NEEDS to be addressed; however, the reproach cannot be carried out in the same manner or it defeats the purpose. It is liken to putting on clean clothes without having a bath.

v_Two said...

Yvette Carnell, Sister I support your article 100%. These people who are attacking you are unfortunately ... SLEEP!!!

And sadly, it's very little you or I can said to them to change that!!! My only words to those are wake-up, pay attention ... and read more!

-With Love, your fellow brother ...

Raven said...

What is wrong with someone telling us we need to work together? We do need to get up off our butts...and for that matter get our heads out of our butts as well! We expected President Obama to have all of our problems solved the second week he was in office. That was our first problem. The second, and I believe this is what he is speaking to, is we expect him to solve our problems for us. That is simply impossible. He is fighting for the American people, without regard to race, etc. He is fighting for the common American. But he cannot do it alone. He is also fighting the upper class, who want nothing more than to see him go away and let things return to "business as usual." He is telling us we have to be willing to get up, get it together. We can't sit around and wait for someone else to do it for us, because it isn't going to happen. With the support of the American people, he can make things happen. How do you think Dubbya was able to drive us into the ground? He had support. And that's what we need to give Mr. Or we risk dire consequences as a country AND a people.

Anonymous said...

The blogger is absolutely right. Those who got offended on here by the author's words needs to be upset at the President for his ridiculous stereotype! Quit drinking the Obama Kool-Aid! He's only interested in keeping HIS power!

Anonymous said...

F*** Obama, he's the greatest coon of all-time, this man is bombing the sh** out of Afrika, has signed off on giving billions to wallstreet, doesn't say sh** about police brutality or even Troy Davis, signed off on extending the Bush tax cuts and the patriot act...but ya'll still support him, I see how Nazi Germany went down the way it did.

Anonymous said...

That is an interesting point: How Nazi Germany went down. I cannot believe that there are Black people who still think that the common American looks anything like them. The common American is the white male. All rising tides will not lift all boats! Does anyone know HOW MANY African Americans will benefit from this Jobs Bill? What impact will this have on our nearly 17% unemployment rate? Will police view Black men any differently because we have our First Black President? Or will the Jobs Bill include more racist police officers on the streets? What do you think is going to happen when this Nation collapses? Who do you think disgruntled whites are going to come after when they have lost their homes, jobs, wealth, and white privilege? History shows you exactly what will happen. If Obama is the President then that means he and his administration need to provide protection for its citizens, especially those that are targeted because of power differentials. Obama knows that if he targets the groups most hit by the recession (depression for some of us), he will lose votes and be called a "reverse racist" and a President for Black America. I understand Obama is caught in a "catch 22" for whatever he does; however, you cannot simply ignore the plight of African Americans to keep face with white bigots, whether soft or hard.

Ruby in NJ said...

Some of us are so dumb that we don't understand a metaphor. There are Black people who don't do anything but bitch. "Take off your bedroom slippers" means "Don't just sit around." The President's message is not for those of us who work for him, contribute money, hold coffee klatches and rally for him; he wants to reach the other Blackx who are quick to criticize. Do I have to say it again? We are our own worst enemy. Get off your behinds and help this man.

Anonymous said...

Why in the hell would anyone say to African Americans, "take off your bedroom slippers"? This is the same people, African Americans, who have been at the forefront of every major movement in this country. Every group in the US and around the world emulates African American because of our history of protest, creativity, collaborative spirit. We are our own worst enemy? That's another stereotype...I thought the history of enslavement, white supremacy, Jim Crow, institutional racism and discrimination, segregation, unemployment, marginalization, social and economic exclusion were our worst enemies? Internalized racism/oppression is just that - it is the result of white racism not the cause. Get it straight!!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, you still haven't read the speech. Your belief in this man has utterly neutralized your ability to think for yourself. So sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who this comment is directed toward, but I have read the speech and heard it well. I have read just about everything I can get my hands on (e.g., politics, history, race relations, economics, etc.). I think the problem is that we are making this all about this man and not about us as a people within a particular socio-cultural context and geo-political nation.

Anonymous said...

Bullseye Ms Carnell. Obama is an illusion, a black mask over a rabid reactionary reverse Robin Hood. He is a zionist, homosexual loving, Afrikan bombing Crusader. He orders the murder of thousands of Black and Brown humans by cowardly remote control drones, kisses the behind of Netanyahu and talks down to Black people exclusively. Hopefully the Green Party will run a candidate against this race traitor.

Carolyn Moon (Amina) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carolyn Moon (Amina) said...

This was my comment on another blog post about the President's speech at the CBC quoting the passage that I found particularly disconcerting. There are a number of apologists and supporters of the President on this site. I, too, will vote for him in 2012; the alternative for me would lend to "night terrors". However, he isn't above constructive criticism and we along with other citizens of this country have the right to express our views without being labeled as traitors or aligning ourselves with seditionist groups like the tea party and wingnuts!
"I expect all of you to march with me, and press on, "... Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. We are going to press on. We've got work to do."
It's interesting and power for the course that blacks are and at times seem to be so much harder in their assessments of other blacks.
When the white housewife talks about her husband losing his job and how they've lost their home or about to--she gets this warm compassionate embrace from OUR President.

Black folks are told to quit whining..get a should be used to this. A condescending "We" precede the scolding designed for US!!

Many of us have also encountered this phenomenon of group weariness among family, co-workers, civic and religious groups & understand why the President is less sympathetic with people of color.

We know it..we've experienced it ..but it's still difficult to tolerate it in all its ugliness & complexity especially when we see it with the most powerful leader of the free world.

There appears to be this mandate to understand by some informal system of exclusion what the President is dealing with and should give him a pass. We've done that with a lot of black people who are in powerful positions that overtly or indirectly influence our lifestyles and political decisions. However, the current situation is so dire that as a group we're finding it more difficult to be the last considered & the first to be overlooked.

Yes, I'm upset! Sometimes you just have to vent and then work to do something about it.

September 26, 2011 4:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Some of us are so dumb that we don't understand a metaphor. There are Black people who don't do anything but bitch. "Take off your bedroom slippers" means "Don't just sit around." The President's message is not for those of us who work for him, contribute money, hold coffee klatches and rally for him; he wants to reach the other Blackx who are quick to criticize. Do I have to say it again? We are our own worst enemy. Get off your behinds and help this man

I concur.....May God Help us all

Anonymous said...

"Obama to Black Community: take off your head scarf and wave caps, put away the jug of Kool-Aid and grape drink, stop frying that chicken."

That is a ridiculous analogy from someone who doesn't understand racism except as something to trot out when somebody tells it like it is, and they don't like it. Barack Obama is the best thing that's happened to America in 20 years. I can't believe that black people can't accept that level of exhortation and telling-it-like-it-is. C'mon and get behind this man, everybody's best hope.

Anonymous said...

Sister Yvette, Not one of Obama's lame defenders addressed the merits of your commntary on his speech, namely, that the targeted audience of his speech was (not the Black electorate)but that it was, instead, the rapidlly disappearing (white)independents and their deeply ingraved stereotypes of Black folks. Apparently, Obama feels that an appeal to such racist stereotypes will reverse his standing with independents. But instead of giving your point its entitled consideration his lame defenders buried your point beneath obfuscations and ad hominem attacks. Some of us can see through this facade!

Anonymous said...

Are you being Paid to Lie on our President?

Did you think we did not listen to his speech?

Where were you Dr. Boyce, Tavis Smiley & His Wells Fargo Bank selling Sub-Prime Loans giving Seminars to the Black Community to get them to buy these loans of which thousands have lost their homes after being duped! Don't forget Coenell West Smiley's buddy

With people in the Black Community constantly working against the entire community it's business as usual. Don't sell the community out, do something constructive, make your coive heard but don't lie and volunteer to do something to make the community better.

Where were you and other constantly bitching when the 40+other Presidents were in office

Can you hear us NOW?

Members of the Black community being duped by those who have no vested interest in the community are working hard to ensure that we never have another Black President.

Didn't you read the results of what the Republicans said about Herman Cain winning the Florida Straw Poll?

Let me enlighten you, Republicans said it was not a vote for Mrt. Cain but rather a vote to show their dissapointment in those running. Republicans indicated they would not be supporting him for President.

Get It?

Bot those in the Black Community who have seen this kind of Racism for many years fully expected exactly that feedback.

Anonymous said...

PBO should have never had to write that jobs bill, it's not his responsibility. It is Congress job to do that and CBC is part of Congress. Waters and others in the CBC are "punishing" PBO for not providing cover for them, imo. He is treating them like adults capable of handling their own problems and jobs, but they are hellbent on putting him in the role of "daddy," someone who should take the hits for them and provide a strong defense for them when they're in trouble.

PBO is doing exactly what the Constitution says should happen--preserving the system of checks and balances and maintaining the separation of powers. They've been in Congress long enough to know this, but they have seem to have a sense of entitlement that they feel allows them to circumvent the rules/responsibilities of their job.

I was glad when PBO essentially told the CBC in the nicest way possible to do its job!

Anonymous said...

I can understand the complexity (not in total though) of the CBC and PBO. I know the politics are deep between the two. However, I just finished watching Hannity (I try to watch ALL news), and wouldn't you know it the only clip they showed was PBO "scolding" Black folks to stop whining and get off our "lazy asses". The point is that it plays right into the stereotypes about Blackness being a biological defect/pathology rather than the impacts of white supremacy. If PBO is the President of ALL America, then he should not be able to speak to one group of people in a condescending manner (no matter which sub-group he references) to the larger group unless he does this to ALL groups. So, when he speaks to the LGBT community, he will say stop whining about marriage equality and don't ask, don't tell. When he speaks to APAC, he will say stop whining about Israel and the Jewish community. Likewise, when he speaks to white males/females whose unemployment rate at 6% and their inability to hold on to their homes to stop whining and pick themselves up by marching for him to pass his Jobs Bill. PBO cannot have it both ways in this instance. He cannot treat Black people differently because he is Black and therefore has a melanin pass and then treat other groups more respectfully (even Republicans who hate him) and then say he is the President of America not Black America. What has happened is that he is the President of America and the patronizing skeptic of Black America. We don't deserve the kind of respect that other Americans do because we are not viewed as Americans.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree. He is selective when he speaks to a Black audience and not other audiences (LGBT, APAC, Latino, etc). He can be Black when he chastises us but cannot be Black in targeting us as hit the hardest by the recession. To focus policies that take into account the disparities Blacks face is being too Black or being the President of Black America. However, in speaking nationally to a Black audience in a "scolding" manner is not being too Black, but somehow appropriate to our stereotypical laziness and bithin? Other caucuses are pushing him even more and he had never spoken to these groups as such. If being Black simply means you can use negative stereotypes to show so-called tough love, then I would rather he just simply be the President of ALL America, including Black Americans. Enough of the double-edged, dumb sh**!

LDJ said...

Ms. Carnell your comments about Obama's speech are right on point. As well as the reference to Nazi Germany. I will try to be brief in my comments on both.

First I'm African American and have been compared to Mr. Malcolm X in my demeanor and looks. I was very proud as my wife and I stood out in the sub-freezing temperatures, for hours, at his Inauguration. Now I'm sad to say I feel that "we've been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!" by the President.

In the few times that Mr. Ohama has addressed a black audience, he has spoken in a tone of "father knows best" and that he is chastising children. He use this language in a condescending speech to African American men on Father's Day and also when taking about the lack of parental participation in their children's education. Mr. Obama does not speak to any other group in this manner, friend nor foe. In fact, no other modern President has used this type of "recorded" language when addressing African Americans and no way should we accept it from a non-white President now. I say non-white because Mr. Obama is not African-American. I believe in tough love, but I also believe respect and dignity for all.

But more importantly than his language, it has been his lack of firm action and his constant capitulation to those that plan to destroy him and any chance of electing another non-while President in the next 100 years. In addition, if Ohama really wanted to know or experience the pain that most Americans are experiencing today..then why didn't his bus tour take him to the hardest hit economically areas? about just one depressed area? No he went to rural Iowa, 98% white, where the unemployment rate is lower that the national average.

We cannot be blinded by the color of Mr. Obama's skin or his name. Everyone needs to be challenged, scrutinized and most importantly criticized in order to become: the best person that they can be, the best husband or wife that they can be, the best student that they can be, the best doctor that they can be and the best President of the United States that they can be. If we have gotten to a point where we cannot challenged, scrutinized and most importantly criticized the President than we know longer have a President, but a Ruler.

So respectfully Mr. Obama "I will NOT stop whinnying"

Anonymous said...

I believe that the legal system, defense lawyers, and his family failed Troy Davis and should be accountable for his death sentence. Too many years had passed that his defense lawyers did not use any and all methods possible to have his execution stayed through the proper channels via the government and the federal government department which handles civil rights violations and could have provided further investigations that the local and state government could not because all of the appeals had been exhausted. If in fact the federal attorney general could have put a federal investigation in motion, then he should have if he had been contacted by Troy Davis's defense lawyers. Blaming Troy Davis's death on President Obama is absurb. Why do blacks always blame President Obama for everything like the Republicans? Just because he happens to be African-American does not mean that he should get involved with every black issue that occurs in the US no more than white Presidents of the US should be accountable for every white problem. Where does this reasoning originate? The mentality that President Obama should stop leading this country for issues that are not normally handled by Presidents of the US needs to stop. All this does is divide the black population. I wonder how many of the 56% of blacks that feel this way actually voted or even voted for President Obama yet expect him to wave a magic wand everytime we as blacks have a problem that affects us. These objections should have been handled through the local and state legal systems and the Supreme Courts when we allowed all the Presidents to appoint predominately white supreme court judges. Even Clarence Thomas who is a conservative, black, and Republican Supreme Court Judge probably did not use his power in the federal court system to intervene in this death sentence. The only problem that I see President Obama has is that he allows himself to get involved with some problems that are not his (ie, the professor that was arrested for trying to enter his own home) and not others that are more or just important. I often wonder what factors determines whether he involves himself or if he is told which issues of which he can get involved. Timing, maybe?? Anyway, the racist legal system failed Troy Davis, not President Obama, not the black community. As blacks we often wait until it is too late to correct the problem and go about it the wrong way and with the wrong method. Additionally, how many other blacks in this country have been unjustly put to death and there was NO intervention to prevent or stop the execution? Who decides who's life is more valuable than another's??? Injustices occur in the state of KY, yet I have not witnessed Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or any national civil rights organizations take the time or bother to even express their objections to what has occurred. Just saying......

Anonymous said...

Tell it like it is, my sister Yvette!

Bravo! Bravo!

RICAREG said...

When President Barack was elected, there were a large number of our people, as well as others who viewed him as the "deliverer". If you remember, he made it perfectly clear that things WOULD indeed get worser before they got better. What took 8 years to create would not be solved in one term was referenced. The problem is that in America, people are looking for handouts,rather than rolling up their sleeves and getting those nails, weaves and brtaids dirty. We have major work to do in this country, and there's no time for winning and crying. This may very well be our best opportunity for starting a business, completing that education or taking that risk we were afraid to take just 3 years ago. Didn't you learn that more millionaires came out of the Great Depression period than at any other time in the history of this great nation? STOP PUNKIN' OUT people! You're acting like a spoiled bunch of brats that when you can't get your way you complain and pout . . .just like the teapartiers, you're no different! Support the President or atleast respect the office of the Presidency. The time is now . . .seize the time!!!

Anonymous said...

RICAREG - exactly how many of those millionaires during the Great Depression were African American? Do you even realize that this is when the Federal Government and the Federal Housing Authority spent nearly $200 Billion to establish and build white suburbia? People of color were excluded from the really fantastic, low-interest loans? This also helps to explain the wealth disparities we are now facing in that Whites are more likely to own their homes (even poor whites) than people of color. This is part of the ponzi scheme that took place recently in the subprime loans to people of color.

I just get upset when I see people taking on the white supremacist view and don't even know their history. This country has placed too many burdens on Black folks and yet we are still here fighting for justice at the forefront. So stop with the racist stereotypes (BTW White women wear weaves just as much as any other group, but I am sure you are not talking about these women who are also the greatest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action - just in case you go there in terms of hand-outs).

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I'm glad everything is going to plan. Just like we did with the women's rights, civil rights, and it still works now. We give them the lie of Freedom and allow them to pick a party, a cause, and a hero. Hahaha doesnt matter what the people choose it's all from our basket. We have all races at odds and now we've divide the black people using thier first Presedent....hahahaha. We teach the masses kids, while they slave away to give us their money. We cause this phoney resession, while we tell them we care. Oh we eat well, sure will give more tainted food to the surfs and...oh wrong board

MissSGlenn said...

This is ridiculous and they shouldn't post stories like this. People can be so negative, and its sad! What I took from the speech is that complaining doesn't make things better we have to put in work to make a change; to make things better.

Mr. Magnanimous said...

Ms. Yvette, you need to grow up. You sound like a spoiled little republican who has no regard to history (recent history), and very little proof to back up anything you are saying. I can tell that Iyou don't read much, and what you read, you comprehend very little of it. I hate to say this but you sound stupid. You really do. And when President Obama was telling the audience to stop complaining and get out and help him fight for what you want, he knew he had a national audience, and therefore was talking to the entire country. Not just the black people in that room. And when he said "Take off your bedroom slippers.Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do", that is what he said, not that "take your head scarf off" BS you were talking.
The way you wrote this says a lot about you. And that misinterpretation of the President's words to fit your need to feel sorry for yourself is what weak women do to their men to make their men feel bad about saying things they really didn't say. You are pathetic, and probably one of those bitter, single women who think there are no good men. There are good men, just like there are good Presidents, however, you have so much baggage and self pity, you won't know a good one if they stood right in front of you. You are so misinformed, and you have thin skin. Remember what the President said..."Take off your bedroom slippers.Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do." So, either help your country by helping President Obama get re-elected, or shut the hell up.

Anonymous said...

During enslavement, the mulatto child of the white slavemaster was often reared to take over control of the plantation upon his father's retirement. He was reared to perpetuate the policies of the plantation---not to free those enslaved. Those who were enslaved (if blind) believed that they had an ally in the white (big) house because he was "part us". Those who were enslaved who were wide-awake recognized the son of the slavemaster for who he was--the son of the slavemaster.

The blind slaves were quickly brought up to speed however, when the mulatto son was rewarded with the overseer's whip and with great pride was given the opportunity to whip the slaves to show them who was boss.

Obama has set no new precedent. This dynamic goes back to the founding of the american so-called republic.

The intelligent enslaved Africans did not wait for the son of the slavemaster to "better their working conditions on the plantation". They freed themselves from the plantation and waged war against the slavemaster and his son---until the plantation was burned to the ground.

Refugee said...

Yvette Carnell, thank you! And thank you Anonymous for the beat down on Obama's sycophants. These negroes caught up in there cult of personality will not, have not, addressed not one issue you've raised in your critique of this sell out of a president.

The first "black" Secretary of State, Uncle Tom -Condolezza Rice

The first "black" National Security Advisor, Uncle Tom--Condolezza Rice

The First "black" Joint Chief of Staff, Uncle Tom --Uncle Colin Powell

The Second "black" Chief Justice Uncle Clarence Thomas.

Did we REALLY expect a real black man as the FIRST President of Amerikkka? Really?!

Just look at that clown Al Sharpton, and how he gushes of the president just for access to him and the corporate media. Steve Harvey had the nerve to call Dr. Cornell West an Uncle Tom?! This is what idolatry has brought those dead black folks in love with Obama. But Jesus told you not to pray to himself either, that he was just a representative of The Father NOT The Father. But black folk continue their idolatry, and remain enslaved.

Anonymous said...

Ms Yvette Carnell, u hit the nail squarely on the head. Thank u for such a straight to the point article, it clearly shows that some of us are still thinking critically about those in authority including the POTUS. I find it incredulous that a lot of blacks appear to be stuck in "celebration mode" over the first black POTUS. Do this my people, purpose in your heart to look past the propaganda, the deception, the disinformation, the lies, and the TRUTH will emerge; do this every time some carefully constructed "speech" designed to divide, denigrate and destroy will have no effect. Thank you again Ms Carnell!

KC said...

I dont know how we aren't all tired of the empty promises and non exsistent results. The guy is a POLITICIAN. I now agree with him. It is time for a CHANGE!

TeaPartyTime said...

It is not rocket science. President Barack Obama and/or other elected black leaders must uphold his or her sworn oath and mandated duty to respect the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law, the oath of office.........

......this alone means a great deal.

TeaPartyTime said...

“There are cases where an individual has been wrongfully treated by his government and about the only way, unless the
individual resorts to court, and even in some cases the courts are not able to give proper relief, the only area or avenue open to the individual is through his representative. When you find a bona fide error has been made, I suggest that you make a maximum effort to remedy it. This I feel is a vital and important function of those of us in the House of

Authors: Donald G. Tacheron and Morris Udall, from the book entitled, “The Job of the Congressman”, pages 65 and 66.

(The above excerpt “The Job of the Congressman” holds true for any elected office holder, and/or U.S. Citizen.)

TeaPartyTime said...

I commend you, Marvin Stewart, former Board Director of the Minuteman Project and other Minutemen, for your understanding of a most important function of all elected officials and the duty of elected officials to respect the Constitution and his or her oath of office when serving U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

.....and Marvin Stewart, etc., etc., you definitely have a concise understanding of the "oath of office" and the duty of all elected officials to respect the U.S. Constitution or a respective State Constitution ..... a necessary characteristic that does not exist as it concerns past and present day elected black leaders who are sworn under oath and who actually hold the office.

TeaPartyTime said...

As a former member of the Democratic Party, I left the Democratic Party better than a decade ago, because the Democratic Party through an inept elected black leadership and numerous poverty pimping preachers uses the black community for votes, poverty pimping preachers receive gratutities in exchange for delivering the black vote to the Democratic Party, and the black community receives nothing in return but further oppression from these same Democratic Party affiliated leaders, and jurisdictions.

This does not excuse the Republican Party, in that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has also betrayed U.S. born blacks.

Republican Party and the Democratic Party elected officials and/or Administrations, must live up to the essence of our Constitution, the rule of law, USC, 14th Amendment....."Equal Justice and Protection Under the Law", etc., etc., to lure more U.S. born black people from all walks of life to support or join either political Party.

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