Monday, October 31, 2011

Dr. Boyce: Why Don’t Detroit Children Have any Books?

In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Your Black World Political Contributor Yvette Carnell discuss the recent revelation that Detroit Public Schools are lacking thousands of books for young children.

The video hits on a conversation about educational inequality in America, and why American citizens should not tolerate this any longer.


carol98 said...

This rings true for so many inner city schools in America. In the 90s when I went to school in Los Angeles,CA we had the same book problems.The parents of Detroit should uniformally keep their kids out of school in protest.Schools do not get Federal money when kids do not come to school. Demand change with action.

Anonymous said...

This is a shame and disgrace on America. We should never call any other country 'Third World" because this country has more than enough resources to help every child academically.I am sure there is no lack of sexual content and on TV and at almost every street corner you go. Children need to read to improve their vocabulary and to feed their brains with the right information which will help to mold their young minds. The mass majority of programs on TV is not for children however, the children can recite these things for you. Cartoons which are supposed to be innocent and funny have become despicable and often times make me as an adult sick to my guts. What are we doing to our children? Children are our future and if we don't set the foundation for them we will be faced with a bitter future.