Sunday, October 16, 2011

Herman Cain Says He Doesn’t Believe in Abortion Under Any Circumstances

herman cain doesn't believe in abortion

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Save Our Children said...

By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Just what in the world is wrong with “African Americans” in America today
You rather drink, make babies, curse, get fat, sell drugs and kill one another
So call men, not Real Men are letting good Children and Women go astray
We run our mouths and pretend that we still care about a Sister or Brother

Our Children are struggling to live and our Women are struggling to work
Males are selling drugs, robbing and killing while females are having babies
Our enemies are really enjoying just how much “niggers” are going berserk
More and more, America is treating African Americans like they have rabies

They can no longer kill us in cotton fields, so they are using guns and prisons
Dr. King envision a future for African Americans and President Obama is it
Why are we not also fighting to give our children a future, what are the reasons
Instead of supporting our President, on our worthless behinds we rather just sit

Politicians, teachers, preachers, police, are out there having sex with children
President Obama and the First Lady are prime examples of being good parents
Our Children can make it when they have parents on whom they can depend
Do we want children to have jobs, nice homes or live with drugs and rodents

Our children are living in homes with obese, filthy mouth parents doing drugs
They have no idea how to help their children with homework or read the Bible
Instead of a great relationship with a Man, females only love money from thugs
Our neighborhoods have gotten away from days of unity and resorted to rival

Good teachers, preachers, neighbors are trying to make bad children change
Instead of offering appreciation, children’s “so-called” parents take offense
In the meantime our poor children are being shot like targets on a firing range
We better put down the liquor, drugs, sexual obsession and pickup some sense

Pull our pants up, control our eating, sleeping around and get our lives on track
Our enemies are just happy about us constantly on ourselves, pulling the trigger
Like grocery on shelves day after day, in cemeteries and jails we are stacked
Will we be African Americans again or enjoy “Just Being Considered “Niggers”

Save Our Children said...

By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Why is it so difficult for the non-rich Americans to see the light?
Many Republicans and some Democratics care less about the poor
Definitely do not want African Americans to reach a new height
Knowing President Obama’s election can open for us, a new door

Republicans for the most part have always cared about the rich
Pretending they had no real problems with African Americans
All the time preferring to see us picking cotton or digging a ditch
Many States, still having racist flags from the days of the Klan’s

Teachers in rich communities being treated better and paid more
Only because African Americans are living in poor communities
The reality of what’s going on, how can we continue to ignore
Brothers and Sisters, wakeup and give our children opportunities

Our children need caring leaders in Washington and in all States
We keep ignoring and keep killing one another, we have no future
Results, we will continue going to graves and through prison gates
Males and females, be Men and Women and rebuild our structure

God can see where the poor and African Americans are headed
He gave us Dr. King and now He has given us President Obama
Dr. King was and President Obama is tired of us being degraded
Now, what we need to give a child is a REAL daddy and momma

Everyday we play into our enemies plans by destroying ourselves
We do not seem to understand that it takes UNITY for us to survive
Republicans enjoy watching African Americans destroy themselves
Instead of helping the President with change they talk a lot of jive

Come on Americans, stop with the killing and hating and let’s rebuild
Do not misinterpet; there is no racial hatred amongst all Republicans
The majority do not want to see our President Obama’s plans fulfilled
Stop them from “Destroying The Caring & All African Americans”