Monday, November 7, 2011

Herman Cain Blames the Media for His Scandal

Your Black World reports

Herman Cain doesn’t seem to want to take responsibility for his most recent embarrassments.  After watching his campaign get slammed over sexual harassment allegations, Cain believes that it is the bias in the media that has led to the unfortunate coverage.

"The nit-pickiness of the media," is what Cain said to be the biggest surprise of his presidential campaign.  "It is the actions and behaviors of the media that have been the biggest surprise. There are too many people in the media who are downright dishonest ... They do a disservice to the American people.”

Cain also said that he is no longer going to answer questions about the sexual harassment allegations from the 1990s.  This is perhaps the candidate’s hope that the American public will forget it ever happened.

An attorney for one of the victims said that grievances had been filed for "several instances of sexual harassment" in "good faith.”

Attorney Joe Bennet also said that Cain wasn’t being honest when he denied that the incidents took place.

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