Monday, November 28, 2011

Limbaugh Rides To Bachmann’s Defense: “I’d Greet First Lady With ‘Baby Got Back’


Your Black Politics reports:

Legendary Hip-Hop band, The Roots, were caught in a media maelstrom after playing 1985 Fishbone classic, “Lyin’ Ass Bitch,” as the walk on song for GOP hopeful Michelle Bachmann’s (R-MN) Late Night With Jimmy Fallon appearance.

Since that time, host Jimmy Fallon has issued an apology, NBC senior vice-president,\ of special programs, Doug Vaughn, has issued an apology, and The Roots, well… they said they were sorry if they hurt her feelings. Code word for: “Hell no, we’re not sorry, the truth hurts doesn’t it?” After kicking up dust on FOX News, Bachmann accepted all apologies and the adults in the room went on about their business.

Enter Rush Limbaugh.

In his defense of Bachmann, the Face of the GOP and connoisseur of all things racist, said on his radio show that he had the perfect song to introduce First Lady Michelle Obama if she ever graced his show:

Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s 1992 hit “Baby Got Back.”

The point hidden beneath his sexist characterization of the First Lady is that the outrage many Black Americans would feel at that song choice was absent in Bachmann’s case. Seeing as how legislators on both sides of the aisle decried the Roots song choice, though, Limbaugh coming in at the tail end of the situation proves he will take any opportunity to say something offensive.

Including how he said that he’d verbally introduce Mrs. Obama:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is not often that we have guests here on this program at the EIB Network,” Limbaugh said. “But as today as it can often happen, we have an exception and I am proud and I am honored and I want to introduce to the microphones of this program the First Lady of the United States Michelle ‘Mochelle’ Obama.”

Limbaugh further suggested that President Obama probably uploaded the Sir-Mix-A-Lot hit into the iPod he gave Queen Elizabeth of England in 2009:

“I wonder if that song was on the iPod that Barack gave the Queen the first time he went over to visit here in the U.K.,” Limbaugh said. “Now you people are probably saying, ‘Rush, that’s tasteless – how could you possibly?’ I’m just trying to illustrate. That’s what we do here on this program sometimes. You illustrate absurdity by being absurd.”

This is the second time in recent weeks that Limbaugh has lashed out at the First Lady. He defended NASCAR fans who booed Michelle, and accused her being “uppity.”

Well, Rushy, I think most African-Americans will concede that Michelle Obama is a curvy woman, so by your proposed stance of illustrating an equally truthful “insult,” does that mean that you concede that Bachmann is indeed a lyin’ a*s b*tch?

Or should men, regardless of ethnicity, abstain from showing their limited brain capacity by using gender specific insults in their characterization of women, regardless of color and/or political affiliation?

CLICK HERE to hear the Rush Limbaugh segment.


PghRich said...

What I can not understand is why do you waste tme and energy reporting on any thing this ignorant pill popping bigott has to say.

Every time he opens his mouth he only amplify his ignorance

That is when he is not opening it to pop pills

Anonymous said...


I could not agree more. We give him credibility and exposure by reporting and repeating it.

Let's send the message that nothing he has to say is worth our attention.