Monday, December 5, 2011

What Do Black Republicans Think about Herman Cain Now?

Your Black World reports

The consensus among most political pundits is that the presidency chances of Herman Cain were eaten alive by Ginger White, the latest of a number of women accusing Cain of marital infidelity. 

Although Cain may be out of the picture at least for now, many black conservatives are not giving up on their quest to obtain the power they feel they deserve.   The emergence of Cain was an awakening of sorts, one that the black niche of the party refuses to allow to die easily.

"The movement should actively, consistently, and thoroughly to bring the conservative message to new audiences with a firm grasp of the issues," said conservative commentator Lenny McAllister.

Even though they plan to fight on with their message, they don’t deny that it can be tough to be a black Conservative these days.

"It can be rough out there being a black conservative, particularly in Washington D.C. and New York City," said Crystal Wright, from the blog "We're angry, we're frustrated and we want to do something about it."

Republicans in the African American community believe that President Obama has failed black America.  They are aggressively seeking to get him out of office.  They give credit to men like Herman Cain and Michael Steele for giving them a degree of visibility that they didn’t have before.

"More people have come out of the closet as black republicans," McAllister said.

Even though many black conservatives were supportive of Cain, they  are not afraid to be critical of his recent behavior.

"... Even prior to the allegations, all of the opportunities where he misspoke and contradicted himself on different things," McAllister said.

"A stronger campaign would have done a lot more for black conservatism. So there are definitely some out there who feel a little betrayed and feel a sense of disappointment, and a lost opportunity as well.”

Even Republican Congressman Allen West said that Cain needs to step down.

“…he probably needs to understand that he's a distracter for what's going on right now and we should move on," said West.

Beyond his short-comings, many black Republicans are glad that Herman Cain came along.

"There were probably many black conservatives who weren't sure if the tea party movement were accepting of them, but Cain proved that they were," says Richard Ivory, from


catherine said...

I have followed this man since day one with the big bold mouth. I knew that these white people was going to seek until they find something on him. There was no way they was going to allow him to step up, in and take control of any kind over them or their laws.
We are all sinners. None of us is perfect. The Word tells us to repent meaning that we wish to change. This means that we are sorry for the sins we have committed in the past and we desire to not sin any more. It means we have changed because we are unhappy with
how we behaved in the past. The key to me is "In the past". According to what the media has told us the man is a "minister" I would like to believe that he repented, after all it sounds like it was decades ago that he had went after these women. If this is true
who are we to bring up his past?

Justice requires that if we sin (meaning to do something wrong), which these women say he did. a penalty must be paid. And they was paid of by the man's job. but we all must understand no mater what sin this man did Jesus paid that penalty for him/us
when He died on the cross. But, that does not mean that we should go out and knowingly break the Word of God,because we know that no matter what we do someone else (Jesus) has paid the penalty for us. Romans 1:8 says:
"You might well say that the more we sin the better it is! Those who say such things deserve to be condemned!" Now my question is did Mr. Cain stop or continue to harrass women? It do not sound like it.

To believe in Jesus Christ as his LORD and savior means that he desired to obey Him--that's what we mean when we call Him LORD. Obeying Him means that we are changing our behavior to become more like Christ. That is repentance, and it goes hand-in-hand with
beliving in Jesus as your LORD and savior.
It means to acknowledge you have done something wrong, you are sorry for what you have done, ( Mr. Cain did not acknowledge having done anything wrong). ask for forgiveness from God, (Did he ask God for forgivness?) make reparation to the one you have wronged
(His job must have believed the women they paid them off, but not one said Mr. Cain paid them off.) and do your best not to repeat that mistake again
turn away-( according to the finding of Mr. Cains action it has been more then ten years since he's been reported to have done these things. Then the Word say God forgives not man)
literally. when we repent of our sins, as a part of the salvation process, we are acknowledging the sin in our lives. we are then asking God's forgiveness of our sins, and then TURN AWAY from them.
What do I think of Mr. Cain. I only wonder if he's guilty and lying how his heart allowed his mind and mouth to say. "God told me to seek the position of president" God do not lie. If God told him. If God said it. Then Mr. Cain has disobeyed God. Even Jonah learned
this the hard way and if Mr. Cain is a minister send by God he knows there is a penalty. God don't half step and He does not send us to do something then leave us. I am finish with it.
Another sad thing is Mr. Cain appretite if he's guilty was only for women out side of his race while married to a beautiful black woman that apparently loves him.

Evan M. C said...

@Catherine- Excuse me, you wrote; "I knew these white people was going to seek until they find something on him. There was no way they was going to allow him to step up, in and take control of any kind over them or their laws."

I'm sorry, I'm white and Republican. It's your so beloved black-loving-counter-parts "The Democrats" who ruined this man with these accusation, "accusation", which are total fabrications. You want to blame someone, blame Barack Obama for supporting the racist, keep blacks on the plantation, Democrat machine 90% of blacks rallied for, not even knowing the racists history of the Democratic party. Blame the NAACP for not backing Cain simply because he's Republican.

Obviously you're too ignorent get my drift though. I mean you can't even correctly place the use of "was and were" in your comment.

Shar @ Thrifty Bliss said...

Wow, that was really wrong of the NAACP. I thought they stood for colored people, it's a part of their name! I don't keep up with the NAACP anyway, and I probably won't now...

Yes, Herman Cain is black but even if he did make to the election next November, he wouldn't have gotten my vote and I'm black! It seems like blacks only see that he's black, and nothing else! None of the GOP candidates are proving anything to me. And there is nothing in that is being done in Washington --democrats. I don't know what next November will hold.

David2001 said...

Other than Herman Cain the only people that brought Cain down was his white republican supporters exposing his lust for white and damn near white women. I'm sure the super wealthy Koch brothers vetted him and knew of the many sexual harassment charges and his infidelities. Cain was unqualified and set up to fail but all this fool was concern about was selling books and being in the public spotlight. The main gold of Cain's white supporters was to show that the teabaggers and the republican party are not the party of white racism, which they are.

Black republicans are self hating cowards who allow themselves to be used to reinforce every racial stereotypes of black Americans. The way Herman Cain did. Those blacks that call themselves conservative republicans know that they will always be nothing more than exotic pets put on display (like Herman Cain) by whites to say "look we're not racist".

Evan8785 said...

@David2001- I have to say, that is one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever heard. There is no doubt that Rick Perry or Mitt Romney may have had something to do with the allegations coming forth, but when you look at the real evidence I guess it points back in the direction of the Democrats. For example; Sharon Bialek being represented by Gloria Allred, who's one of the biggest left-wing support lawyers ever! And, then you also have Sharon Bialek living in the same apartment complex as David Axelrod who's also a huge, "huge", left-wing supporter. Even more, Sharon is now being evicted from her home. Sounds like she was looking for a quick payoff and she found two people, David and Gloria, to help her, or so she thought.

Don't even get me started on Ginger White, that woman is just mental.

Ps: I just wanted to add that the Tea Party is not racist, thank you. Although there have been some "bad apples out there" it does not mean that the entire Tea Party condones it, which they do not!

Furthermore, your refers to the Republican Party being racist, you should try to go back and reading the history of the US, I'm sure it will change your mind on who was a racist party. Don't be surprised when you find a Democrats stood behind every issue to stop civil rights, and segregation from being diminished. They stood behind the Ku Klux Klan, ran the Ku Klux Klan for political agenda, Jim Crow laws, the grandfather clause, and the only effort any Democratic president put into favor of blacks in this country is the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which in fact, had more votes Republican than Democrat.

Quoting Herman Cain, "Democrats want to keep blacks on the plantation."