Monday, January 9, 2012

Julianne Malveaux: Once Again, Everyone Gains While Black Folks Lose

by Dr. Julianne Malveaux – Bennett College for Women

The unemployment rate is falling for the third month in a row, and in December about 200,000 private sector jobs were created.  The monthly unemployment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that unemployment has declined by six tenths of a percentage point since August.  Already, some economists are saying we can expect another decline next month. 

            I am surprised, however, at the very tepid language that the Employment Situation report uses to describe the increase in African American unemployment.  A rise of .3 percent among African Americans, the second rise in as many months, is described as having "changed little".  It has changed enough so that while some are celebrating gains, African Americans are losing.  Indeed, the African American unemployment rate increased from 15.5 to 15.8 percent.

    Black women, it turns out, are losing more than most.  While the unemployment rate for adult African American women, at 13.9 percent, is still lower than the male rate of 15.7 percent, African American men gained jobs this year, while African American women lost them.  Why?  Nearly one in four (23%) African American women works for government, and federal, state, and local governments are releasing workers, not hiring them.  And while some governments will attempt to get the economy moving by creating construction and redevelopment opportunities for men, teachers, nurses and social workers, mostly women, are walking on eggshells in fear of job losses.  Even when we know that smaller classroom size gives a better yield in terms of educational results, school districts are being forced to shoehorn another student or two into already-crowded classrooms because of cost issues.

  The data that comes from the Employment Situation report is, probably much lower than the reality of African American unemployment.  When we include those marginally attached to the labor force (stopped looking, etc.), as well as those part time workers that want full time work, the unemployment rate for the total population is not 8.5 percent, but 15.2 percent.  And the estimate of the African American unemployment rate would be not 15.8 percent, but a whopping 28.3 percent.  More facts - though the number of officially unemployed people is dropping, it is still high enough with 13.1 million actively looking for word and not finding it.  And the average person has been out of work for 40.8 weeks, six weeks longer than a year ago.  The headlines blaze optimism, the reality is different.

  Add to this a recent report that says that the wealth gap between Congress and their constituents is growing.  In 1984, the average member of Congress had wealth of $280,000, excluding home equity.  In the twenty years since 1984, Congressional wealth grew by two and a half times, to $725,000.  Again, this doesn't include home equity.  In contrast, the median wealth of an American family actually dropped slightly to around $20,500, again, not including home equity.  It is very likely that when home equity is added, the gap is even larger.

  This wealth gap perhaps explains why Congressional representatives are more interested in tax cuts than in creating jobs.  It explains, perhaps, why Republicans so resisted President Obama's plan to extend the Social Security tax cut and also to extend unemployment rate insurance.  Congress is operating in their own self-interest, they aren't thinking about their jobless and economically challenged constituents.

  If these members of Congress got calls from bill collectors, lived with less money than month, had to deny their children a new pair of shoes or an after-school trip because of dollars, or actually had to visit a grocery store on a budget, they might have not so hesitated before they eventually capitulated to President Obama's determination.  Still the growing wealth gap perhaps explains why so few are alarmed at some of the unemployment rate data.

  To be sure, it is exciting to see unemployment rates drop, even slightly.  It suggests that some of the Obama policies are working.  But someone has to explain why these policies aren't working for African Americans, especially for African American women.  If this trend continues, the Obama Administration will have to consider targeting some relief to those who aren't benefitting from the unemployment downturn.  Some analysts, myself included, have been advocating programs targeted toward the inner city, toward service employment, toward unemployed youth, for quite some time.  The unemployment rate gap, the fact that there are clear winners, and also clear losers in the current changes, make targeted employment programs far more imperative.


Anonymous said...

jan 6

I'm getting so tired of Black folks Begging others! Their was and Indian man (India) on MSNBC OR CNN, who told Young Black enterpeurs who where trying to sale their software to buyers in Silicon Valley. One of the things was that IF YOU ASK AND DON'T GET, DO IT YOURSELVES! Its the way his people are doing!
Blacks need to co-op with their money. Support those with great ideas that will sell. Then they can Hirer their Own and stop so much unemployment.
Blacks should look at Cables African Channel's report on Africa's Businesses and Market, how they're supported, and invest in Africa! We're going to need Africa some day.

C4CFED said...

Despite the passage of the Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation (NOFEAR) Act of 2002, a federal law that seeks to discourage federal managers and supervisors from engaging in unlawful discrimination and retaliation, discrimination persists. The statistics disclose it. The studies expose it. The Obama administration, which dodges the topic of managerial accountability and "institutional racism" within in its own ranks, knows it. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) FY2010 Annual Report on the Federal Workforce, black employees remain below the average government pay grade. During fiscal 2010, 17,583 federal employees and job applicants filed discrimination complaints, a 3.8% increase from the previous year. Most glaring was the fact that Black/African-American led the "race" basis for employment complaints filed.

See Coalition For Change, Inc. C4C video highlighting Racism In the Federal Government

Ricardo Jones said...

None of the current Black leaders are concerned civil rights corruption at the federal level because they're all taking some form of kickbacks. Maxine Water Representative from Compton Ca, was interviewed by Donald Winkfield of Black Star News this month (December) and she said the EEOC is not investigating Black complaints because of the lack of Budget. This is a lie to cover-up for the corruption at the EEOC. Mr. Winkfield told Maxine Waters that the EEOC is dismissing all Black complaints and he has a Senior Federal Investigator who has evidence and witnessed same. Maxine Waters didn't ask to speak to Ricardo Jones. All of the Black politicians are in on the gaming of Black people. Many of the Black elite accept the corruption against their own people and benefit from same. See Fear does different things to different people. Elite Blacks earn a well paid living from white bigots. Elite Blacks will never bite the hand that feeds them. When the elite Blacks are finally forced to confront racism and lose they cave-in totally and just accept the condition that has feed them all the time. Our real enemy are the elite Blacks. Don't take me wrong we as Black people need to unite under Pan-Africanism which means: African Americans, Blacks from Caribian and South America, All Blacks from Africa must vote as a block just like other ethnic groups ie: Jews, Irish, Italians, Asians, latins and others. We must force obama to include a PLANK in his re-election platform which addresses our concerns "JOBS and a RIGHT TO WORK IN A HOSTILE FREE WORK ENVIRONMENT and enforce all current laws reference same and update/reform same.If obama doesn't then we will vote against him (obama) and any politician who supports him (obama). None of this the devil I know verse the Devil I don't know BS. We don't have much time to do this or it will be four more years of YES WE CAN which lead to what???
Comment by Ricardo Jones just now

The Black community will not survive as little corrupt white people . This is the position of the Black elite. Once again if you replace a Bad white COP with a Bad Black COP we accomplish nothing. Because they both beat heads for the same reasons??? Steve Biecko a GREAT Black Leader of South Africians said this and was killed for it and for standing up of his peoples (Blacks) rights. For the those who don't know who Steve Beicko is Danzel Washington played Steve Beicko in the GREAT GREAT movie "CRY FREEDOM" which was made to show the conversion of a White liberal editor from South Africa Donald Woods. Look it up. POWER OF THE PEOPLE

Ricardo Jones said...

Dr Umar Abdullah Johnson on the fraud of Obama

Ricardo Jones said...

MR. RICARDO JONES, SR. is a veteran and the former Senior Federal Investigator for the new York District of the EEOC from 2001 to 2010. He describes how ... - Cached
.Play Video

By education4peace| 1 video

Press covers up corruption at EEOC:

Ricardo Jones said...

Posted by Ricardo Jones on October 27, 2012 at 4:27pm in Hot Stuff SegmentView Discussions.WHY HAS THE OBAMA ADMINSTRATION CUT-OUT SET-A-SIDES FOR HBCU'S?
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Arthuretta Holmes-Martin v. Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Racial Discrimination, race, age, disability


the plaintiff, an African-American woman, began working as the Deputy Director of the OSDBU, an office within the Department of Health and Human Services. Pl.'s Opp'n to Def.'s Renewed Mot. for Summ. J. ("Pl.'s Opp'n") at 3. Her first line supervisor was Debbie Ridgely, a white female, the Director of the OSDBU. Id.

In 2004, Ridgely hired Clarence Randall, a white male, to serve as her "Special Advisor," a position created, the plaintiff claims, to supersede the plaintiff's position. Id. at 3. The plaintiff alleges that over the following months, Ridgely transferred many of the plaintiff's responsibilities to Randall, such that Randall effectively assumed the role of Ridgely's deputy.

Ricardo Jones said...

How much and/or how many properties does Michelle Robinson-Obama's family own in the south side of chicago? This is the reason during the beginning of their presidency they tryed to get the Olympics for Chicago. Black corruption of the Obama's from Michelle Robinson-Obama as Special Assistant to corrupt Mayor Richard Daley. Look at all Michelle Robinson-Obama's former Job's and how they relate to Richard Daley and her ex-intern husband also. What Hood did the President come from in Chicago? High Park!

Media blackout of black Chicago protesters marching against Obama

Ricardo Jones said...

Does Obama Ignore Black People?