Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yvette Carnell: Justice Clarence Thomas Doesn’t Care If Your Attorney Runs Out on You

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Save Our Children said...

I am sick and tired of these pretending to be African Americans that is nothing more than supporters of the KKK's. We need more Doctor King's and President Obama's in this world.

Save Our Children said...

By: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Since we seem to like fighting so much, I got an idea
Instead of fighting one another, let fight our enemies
For our President and our Race, more we have to care
The racist again want to see us just hanging from trees

Thanks to supporters the Health Care Plan was passed
It’s God’s message that we have a Real Man President
African American again are called the “N” word and harassed
Whomever did it, should have been beat to the cement

First of all, we must stop calling ourselves that racist name
Passing of this bill is just the beginning of our troubles
The President’s enemies will still try to put him to shame
They will enjoy hurting him like children blowing bubbles

Listening to the radio or watching the News it was not easy
Racist was degrading our President without any shame
Trust me; what they might be planning makes me very uneasy
Wakeup Brothers and Sisters, this is by far no longer a game

If we want to stay in this game of success let’s lend support
Our enemies but not our President wants to see us long gone
They smile when they see us in caskets or handcuffs in court
Prefer us in graves or prison yards, not our front lawn

Brothers and Sisters, we must stop destroying one another
As adults, if we stop our children will also do the same
God want us to love and respect, not shot and kill each other
Stop killing one another like it’s a Playstation or X-Box game

There is a law in the works to bring in our replacement Race
Things taking place everyday, many of us don’t have a hint
Everybody does not like you because of a smile on their face
We all need to, “Support Our President & Our Families”

Stop Sitting Around Ignoring Our Problems
Children Need Help Adults Need Help

Save Our Children said...

If We Save Our Children We Save America
Baltimore, Maryland
(410) 805-3372

2012 & Forever

To: My African American Family & Americans Citizens Who Are Concerned about All Americans and Not Just A Particular Race

Re: Stop Procrastinating & Step-Up & Let’s Start Uniting For A Positive Change For Everyone, Regardless of Race, Creed or Color

Dear Citizens,

I do not know what it going to take for us to wake-up to the reality that the groundwork for a new America is being laid out. It was already in the works but those who were planning it, were not prepared for President Obama, so they have stepped things up.

You have been reading my messages for sometime now but I do not just set at my computer, I go out and try to bring about positive change, as well. Yes some of my family and people I thought were my friends, have turned their backs on me but as long as I have God and God’s true believers and not phonies on my side, I will be just fine.

When young people and adults are doing something negative, they are all over the NEWS. When it comes to something positive, they get two-minutes or less and it is over. Do not misunderstand; I am not blaming the media. If adults helped one another and our young people do positive things with their lives, television, radio stations and the inter-net would have no choice but to broadcast the good and bad.

In conclusion, I am begging my fellow African Americans and all caring Americans to stop running from and/or ignoring the problems. We must step-up to the plate, start hitting home runs and scoring touchdowns for America’s future. OUR CHILDREN need mentors and a good education, not deaths and prisons, if they are to survive. I am asking you to help me and others like myself to “SAVE OUR CHILDREN” and give America a much-needed future.


David W. Johnson, Jr., Founder & President
If We Save Our Children We Save America

TeaPartyTime said...

President Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus have the power and influence to recommend that no good Clarence Thomas be impeached.....

.......unfortunately President Obama and/or the Congressional Black Clueless...AKA the Congressional Black Caucus are just as disgraceful in that these individuals do not have a clue as to the essence of what it means to be an elected official.

Anti Money Laundering said...

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